Where to Find Sumo Citrus, The Distinctly Shaped Fruit That’s All Over the Internet

Sumo Citrus season runs from January through April.

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March 04, 2021

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Sumo Citrus

Photo courtesy of Sumo Citrus

If you’ve been on Instagram lately, chances are you’ve caught a glimpse of Sumo Citrus. In fact, you may have even seen the vibrant fruit without even realizing it since it looks an awful lot like an orange.

But what exactly is this seasonal citrus star? Grown by experts with over a decade of experience, Sumo Citrus originated in Japan in the 1970s where it became known as the "dekopon" in reference to its signature top knot. Since then, growers in California have dedicated decades to perfecting the fruit in the United States. The result is a distinctly shaped, large fruit that boasts “incredible taste.”

“A huge amount of hard work and dedication goes into each and every Sumo Citrus,” Scott Owens, General Manager for Sumo Citrus said in a press release. “Our expert growers go above and beyond to ensure the highest quality possible and this year is no different.” Sumo Citrus season began in January and will run through April.

Owens added: “Every year the hype and anticipation for Sumo Citrus season seems to surpass the year before, but this year in particular people seem to be looking for a bright spot and something that brings them joy and comfort.”

In addition to its adorable hairdo, and social media fame, there are a multitude of ways that Sumo Citrus sets itself apart from similar foods. Sumo Citrus is known for its unmatched sweetness and texture. It’s also shockingly easy-to-peel, seedless and not messy to eat.

Oh, and it tastes really good, too. “Before discovering Sumos, I almost never ate oranges, which was odd for someone who typically loves the tanginess and mouth-watering flavors of citrus. I used to find the process of peeling too cumbersome to justify the sometimes lackluster fruit underneath,” says Rachel Trujillo, Food Network Associate Editor. “But Sumo oranges eliminated all my previous problems — they're as easy to peel as a clementine and have the suppleness of a thick slice of grapefruit inside. It's no exaggeration to say that I wait all year for the sweet-yet-tangy fruit's short four-month season.”

Curious how to eat it? You can eat the fruit on its own, toss some segments into a refreshing salad, or even dip Sumo pieces in chocolate for an irresistible sweet treat.

To get your hands on some Sumo Citrus before it’s too late, head over to SumoCitrus.com to see where the fruit is sold in your area.

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