Lenox Spice Villages Are About to Be the Cutest Thing In Your Kitchen (If You Can Snag One)

The vintage spice storage sets are a delight to collect.

February 10, 2022

You may have seen people showing off their Lenox Spice Village collections all month on TikTok. For those wondering what in the world it is: know that Lenox Spice Village is the next collection of collectibles set to take over your kitchen. But they’re more than mere decor – they’re useful, too!

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The Lenox Spice Villages are small, porcelain houses that don a flowery, dollhouse aesthetic meant to help you hold your spices. They can add something striking to any table setting and serve as a permanent statement piece for your dining room. The collections come in sets of 24, with spice names written on each house. Made by ceramic art company Lenox, these collections were made throughout the ’80s and ’90s, until they were discontinued. Now enthusiasts from throughout the world collect the different Spice Village collections for their heyday.

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However, the fun of these miniature houses comes with the search. Lenox Spice Village lovers have started looking to TikTok to not only share their extensive collections, but also looking to one another to grow their own collections.

Most collectors search on various internet resellers to fill their Lenox Spice Village collection gaps. A search for them on Etsy yields 342 results spanning from single Spice Village homes to entire collections with the original knick knacks they came with. Ebay also offers sets to jumpstart your Lenox Spice Village experience.

Some TikTok collectors have even recommended flea markets and estate sales for serendipitous Lenox finds.

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However, these vintage items will cost you. The average price of a single Lenox Spice Village collection sits around $350, and varies depending on year or quality.

Like the stamps or Beanie Babies that came before them, Lenox Spice Village collectibles can be a fun, adventurous way to spruce up your space and add special meaning to your kitchen, while helping you organize your unruly spice rack.

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