Keep Your Eyes Peeled: Sumo Citruses Are Cropping Up Again

The uniquely shaped, Insta-famous fruit will now be available at even more stores, including Target.

January 04, 2022

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Sumo Citrus

Photo courtesy of Sumo Citrus

While the start of a new year sometimes feels anti-climactic, there’s a little something sweet right now that is giving us something to be excited about.

This week will mark the beginning of Sumo Citrus season, and while this sweet mandarin is often harder to come by, this season will be marked by expanded availability. Now being distributed at Target and Meijer store locations, the uniquely shaped fruit, most often available from January through April, will now be a whole lot easier to find.

Sumo Citrus may be a limited-time pleasure, but that’s part of what makes it extra exciting when it is around. Known for its extra sweet taste, you can spot the fruit a mile away thanks to its large size, bumpy skin and one-of-a-kind top knot. It’s also seedless and easy to peel, making it a delight to eat no matter where you are.

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Sumo Citrus

Photo courtesy of Sumo Citrus

“Last season proved that consumers are prioritizing their health and increasingly they’re turning to fresh, tasty fruits as a way to improve their diets and help boost their immune systems,” said Scott Owens, General Manager for Sumo Citrus in a press release. “This season we’re excited to bring Sumo Citrus into these new store locations so more people can start the year off right with some of the biggest, sweetest citrus available.”

Sumo Citrus will be available in stores until the end of April. This season, as we’re all extra focused on remaining health conscious, why not celebrate a new year with an extra-large dose of citrus? Seems rather timely!

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