5 Cleaning Tips From a TikTok-Famous Housekeeper You Need to Know

Including the one spot in your kitchen you're definitely not cleaning (but should be)!

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April 28, 2021

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A selection of cleaning products on top of a kitchen sink.

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Between her 3.4 million TikTok followers and nearly 400,000 Instagram followers, it's safe to say Vanesa Amaro is the Internets go-to source for cleaning inspiration and guidance. As a professional housekeeper and self-proclaimed “Queen of Cleaning,” Vanesa has been wow-ing social media with her tips and tricks to cleaning just about every surface of your home. As fans ourselves, weve rounded up Vanesas top kitchen cleaning tips that were already using in our own homes. Heres everything you need to know before you give your kitchen a deep clean.

You Can’t Beat Dawn Dish Soap

It’s hard to watch one of Vanesa’s videos without her pulling out a bottle of Dawn dish soap ­— and for good reason. When it comes to tackling messes in the kitchen, this product is a must-have for cleaning grease, dishes, countertops and more.

Go the Extra Step When Cleaning Your Oven

There are a couple oven cleaners on the market, but a quick test on Vanesa’s TikTok showed how well Easy-Off’s Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner worked. Don’t expect the cleaner to do all the work for you. Vanesa also uses a scraper tool to get off any tough, built-on grease. Next, she makes sure to rinse off all the cleaning product with Dawn dish soap and water.

Don’t think you’re done, though. There is one more step that will take your deep clean to the next level, and that’s cleaning between your oven doors. Vanesa’s instructions include which type of dusters work best for fitting into this narrow space, which you an access by removing the drawer below your oven. This might feel like an unnecessary step, but we believe in going the extra mile for extra cleanliness.

Don’t Be Lazy When Cleaning Your Fridge

When it comes to giving your fridge a deep clean, as Vanesa puts it, don’t be lazy. You want to remove everything from the fridge prior to cleaning so you can really get the shelves and inside your fridge cleaned. Vanesa removes the shelves and washes them in the sink with Dawn Powerwash and a Scrub Mommy sponge before wiping off any excess cleaner with a microfiber towel. For any little details, she goes in with a small scrubbing brush to make sure no dirt or gunk is left behind.

Use the Right Products for Your Stove Top

When cleaning a glass stove top, using the right product can make all the difference. A thick coat of Easy-Off’s Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner broke down all the residue without any extra scrubbing needed — just make sure you let it sit long enough.

When trying to de-grease your stove, Dawn dish soap is all you need — whether you’re cleaning your hood range or gas stove top.

Don’t Forget About Your Ice Dispenser

While the ice dispenser is an easy area to forget about, odds are you’re still getting water and ice from it every day. Don’t forget to give it a clean now and then. All you need is a small scrubbing brush, a disinfectant and (you guessed it) Dawn dish soap to get the job done.

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