Blogger Spotlight: Dulcie and Sarah from Two Tarts

Join Food Network's Healthy Eats in discovering the best healthy bloggers around the web. Today we're talking to Dulcie and Sarah from the blog Two Tarts.

Two Tarts is run by Dulcie Wilcox and Sarah Welle, two friends with a shared passion for cooking and photography. When you visit their blog, you'll find beautiful seasonal recipes using local ingredients. While the Colorado natives are known to make almost everything from scratch, their recipes keep the everyday home cook in mind. They believe that when working with quality ingredients, simple is best. The duo also runs Colorado Crafted, an artisanal food business selling curated gift boxes filled with locally-made gourmet goods.

How long have you two been friends? How did the idea for the blog come up?

We met in 2010 at storytime at our local library! We both had toddlers that had just begun to walk, so initially it was the kids who brought us together (they are now three years old and best buddies). We are both foodies and big advocates for eating whole foods, and we had both dabbled in blogging. It just made sense to team up and create a better blog than either of us could do on our own. We often get asked if one of us takes the photos and one writes the content, but it is truly a team effort and often we don't even know who was behind the lens for a particular shot.

Dulcie, which of Sarah’s recipes is your favorite? Sarah, same question.

Dulcie: One of my favorites is Sarah's homemade harissa. When she suggested doing it, I didn't even know what harissa was! And I was never a big fan of overly spicy foods. But each time I've made a batch, I've used it at nearly every meal until it is gone. So good.

Sarah: Dulcie introduced me to the oven-puffed pancake, which I'd never thought to make at home before. It looks so puffy and impressive and beautiful that I just assumed it'd be difficult to make at home - let alone as breakfast first thing in the morning. But it's actually much more simple (and fast!) to make than traditional pancakes, and I make it ALL the time now. It's definitely a new favorite at our house, thanks to Dulcie.

Talk to us about your DIY recipes. Which ingredients do you find are better to make from scratch?

Practically anything is going to taste better from scratch (and be less expensive), but if it is really time intensive, there is no way we are going to do it regularly. One of our biggest winners is almond butter (pictured above). It is so easy to make at home, and it definitely saves money. You can make it exactly to your liking, adding as much or as little salt or sweetener as you want. Our three-year-olds are obsessed with it, and you can't beat that.

What seasonal ingredient are you loving right now?

Sarah is loving the fresh chives, mint, and basil from her newly-planted herb pots. We used them all in our latest salad dressing!

Dulcie has been obsessed with asparagus, but anything that hints of spring is fair game.

How do you stay healthy without restricting yourself from foods you enjoy?

We don't restrict ourselves from anything. We are firm believers in eating everything in moderation. Michael Pollan's catchphrase "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants." is so straightforward but so true. We are both meat eaters, but meat is a small part of our diet.

Do you share an equal love for baked goods? Or is someone's sweet tooth more indulgent than the other?

We think that we are equally obsessed with sweets. One of us is always baking something, but Sarah is usually making something healthier like carrot muffins, whereas Dulcie would rather make a cake.

You both like to dabble in mixology. Do you have a drink recommendation for readers to make this weekend?

Here in Colorado, there's close to a foot of snow on the ground, so we've been drinking our favorite cold-weather cocktail, an Old Fashioned. But if you are lucky enough to be somewhere with warm spring weather, we suggest that you head out to the patio with a glass of pastis.

For more DIY and seasonal recipe inspiration, follow Dulcie and Sarah on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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