Meghan Markle Has To Do This Just to Grocery Shop

Celebrity status as a royal is tougher than we thought.


Photo by: Karwai Tang/Getty

Karwai Tang/Getty

Meghan Markle’s life has changed in a big way this past year. She left her starring role on Suits, moved to the UK, and married a prince. But one thing that hasn't changed? Meghan's love of cooking. The royal still does her own grocery shopping — albiet a bit more discreetly these days!

Surely she has an assistant who can run out and buy some produce for her, we’d imagine, but this area of her life remains shockingly routine! According to People, aside from the usual fabulous royal duties that are part of Meghan’s new gig as the Duchess of Sussex "the only other place she has visited regularly is Whole Foods." Apparently there’s a Whole Foods location pretty close to her and Prince Harry’s humble home (that’d be Kensington Palace).

However, thanks to her royal status she often sneaks out of the palace disguised in a baseball cap to do her grocery shopping and other normal-people chores like walking her dogs, workouts and trips to the salon. Surprisingly, she’s had a pretty easy time managing to sneak in and out without being noticed, which we find rather surprising, especially at a location blocks from the palace. But, whatever, maybe British locals are concentrating on their grocery list and not paying attention to one of the most famous woman in the world testing avocados right next to them.

We’d never make that mistake, for the record.

As for her shopping list, we know a few things for sure about Meghan and Harry's eating habits. For one thing, they enjoy a delicious roast chicken and The Duchess has said she always keeps carrots, hummus, green juice, almond milk, and a homemade chia seed pudding in her fridge. Meghan has also sworn by almonds for her beautiful "Markle Sparkle" and we know her favorite wine is Tignanello (she even named her now-defunct blog after it), so we imagine she’s stocking up on a few bottles of good old Tig in the wine aisle, as well.

Looks like we'll be adding a few items to our shopping list this week!

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