Veggie-Inspired Jewelry with a Romaine Heart of Gold

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Though it may be beautiful and glittery, expensive jewelry may seem like an unnecessary splurge. If you’re going to blow big bucks on something, you may think to yourself, perhaps it should be something that makes a difference in the world.

Now you can have your gorgeous jewelry and … OK, maybe not eat it, too, but at least know your money is helping kids eat healthy. New York-based jewelry designer and philanthropist Joan Hornig — whose jewelry is sold at luxury department stores (Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus) and boutiques around the country and who routinely allocates a cut of the sales of her collections to a range of charities — has introduced a new line of beautiful bobbles to benefit the Recipe for Success Foundation, a Houston-based non-profit organization that works to promote healthy eating in children.

Hornig’s new collection — launched under the directive “lettuce give back” — is also inspired by the goals of the foundation, providing a high-end modern design take on nuts, fruits, grains, seeds, herbs, and lots of vegetables and leafy greens, all rendered in luxurious materials like 18K gold vermeil, antiqued rhodium and sterling silver.

So veggie lovers with $1,400 burning a hole in their pockets can shell out for a cuff that’s evocative of kale (sterling, with 18k gold vermeil) or one that resembles a leaf of romaine lettuce (choose either sterling silver or antique rhodium) and know that $500 is going to educate kids about healthy food choices. Or you can buy cufflinks that look like heads of cauliflower (sterling, with antiqued rhodium accents) for $375, with $175 going to charity; lush-looking seed bracelets (sterling or sterling with 18k gold vermeil or antiqued rhodium finish) for $650, with $300 going to charity; or super-cool mushroom earrings for $325, with $75 going to support the foundation’s work.

Although many of Hornig’s produce-inspired designs sold out at a February 13 party honoring their debut, according to a news release, some can still be special-ordered directly through the foundation. Still other items will be made available via the Recipe for Success Foundation’s website.

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