Now You Can Paint Your Nails a la Dunkin’

The doughnut chain has launched a limited-edition nail-polish line inspired by its coffee flavors.

For those who always like to have some doughnuts on hand, Dunkin’ has just the thing: the first ever Dunkin’ nail-polish collection.

The ubiquitous purveyor of doughnuts and coffee has partnered with vegan-friendly nail polish company Lauren B. Beauty to release a collection of eight limited-time spring-seasonal nail polish colors that evoke Dunkin’s Signature Lattes, partner Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream Flavored Coffees, and trademark orange and pink color scheme.

The colorful collection includes Cocoa Mocha (kind of a chocolate brown), Caramel Craze (also brown, but a bit more orangey) and Butter Pecan (a paler, creamy brown that borders on beige). Non-brown colors include Blueberry Crisp (a vibrant dark blue), Pistachio Almond Fudge (a pale green worthy of its name), Banana Split (a muted banana yellow), and the intense signature colors Slam Dunkin’ (bright orange) and Pretty in Dunkin’ (hot pink).

You can get them, while supplies last, in select salons in 10 cities across the U.S., including New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Atlanta, Tampa and Los Angeles. (See map of locations here.)

If you do pick a Dunkin’ color out of the lineup, you’ll also be given a $3 Dunkin’ gift card, as long as supplies last, so you can, go to your local Dunkin’ and order a beverage that matches your nails.

And no, to answer the question someone posed on Instagram, the nail color is not edible (ew!) -- just drool-worthy.

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