How to Get the Barilla Box Purse that Went Viral on Twitter This Week

Pasta, but make it fashion.

August 06, 2021

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Nik Bentel

Photo courtesy of Nik Bentel

Designer Nik Bentel was inspired to elevate a blue Barilla pasta box after he ate what he referred to as his “100th bowl of penne pasta” during the coronavirus lockdown last year. Given the New-York based artist’s background, it’s no surprise that he chose to take that well-known blue box and transform it into a chic handbag.

However, instead of simply taking the cardboard box, attaching a strap, and making a purse out of it, Bentel chose to elevate that classic Barilla packaging by constructing the bag itself from leather. Then, in order for the accessory to resemble a real pasta box, he used UV printing technology to print what you would normally find on the front of the pasta box directly onto the leather. Additionally, while the bag isn’t affiliated with Barilla, one side of it boasts nutrition information, while another features cooking instructions. The back has recipe ideas, just like you would find on a typical Barilla box.

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Nik Bentel

Photo courtesy of Nik Bentel

Like any good bag, this one also has a long gold strap so it can be used as a crossbody, as well as a small blue leather strap on top should you prefer to carry it in your hand. There are other gold accents throughout.

“The bag is an irreverent take on the past year of staying inside,” a press release about fashion’s latest “it” item stated. “The goal of the bag is to inspire a bit of thought and reflection on being able to create something exciting from the mundane.”

Not surprisingly, thanks to the bag’s unique nature, it went viral on Twitter earlier this week. “I’m a food packaging designer and this is so incredibly inspiring, thank you,” one user wrote.

Another added: “Genius! How else are you going to carry your pasta and sauce with you? Food at your fingertips whenever you want. Is there a back pocket for utensils? Asking for all the Italians in my family.”

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Nik Bentel

Photo courtesy of Nik Bentel

If you hope to get your hands on one of these bags, you’ll need to act quickly … and have some extra cash to burn. The line is scheduled to go on sale on Bentel’s website on August 11 at 10 AM EST, and Bentel has said he’s only making 100 bags with no current plans to produce any more. Each bag retails for $199.

According to Bentel, the Pasta Bag is the third project of a series of storytelling products to be released sequentially every few weeks. Wonder what he’ll come up with next!

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