Adorable Family Tracks Baby’s Growth in Cookies

Their photos will melt your heart.

September 02, 2020

How do you measure growth? Of course, there are many ways. Including, we now know … cookies. And also … doughnuts.

Adorable Florida-based Instagrammers @peaceofusx have been tracking the growth of their two young daughters in baked goods. At four months old, the couple’s baby, Jax (or “Jaxie”), is now 60 cookies tall. We know this because this week the couple posted a photo of the little cutie standing (with assistance) next to a stack of five dozen chocolate chip cookies (apparently and remarkably standing without assistance!).

She’s also 17.8 pounds, “grabbing things” and “sucking her fingers all the time,” they share.

“I don’t know what I want to eat up,” wrote one smitten commenter, “her or the cookies.”

Jaxie’s older sister, Jordan (or “Jord”), apparently shares that dilemma: Videos posted to @peaceofusx’s page show her inclination to lovingly grab both a cookie and her sister.

Jaxie’s growth has been consistent, cookie-wise: At three months old, she was 57 cookies tall, 16 pounds, nine ounces and, a photo reveals, smiley as can be. Also given to belly laughs and able to sleep through the night, the couple lets us know in a caption.

At two months old, she was 55 cookies tall, 14 pounds, “holding her head like a champ,” and “smiling all. the. time,” we learn. At one month, little Jax was 53 cookies tall, 12 pounds, a “sleeping queen” and “the quietest” crier.

Jordan’s growth, meanwhile, was tracked in doughnuts, albeit somewhat less precisely. Here she is at eight months, five months, four months, three months, two months and one month.

I mean, sure, rulers and tape measures are fine and all, but they are definitely not as sweet as this.

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