Just 12 Adorable Animals Eating Human Food

Your day is about to be made.

April 22, 2020
Pillarno. Asturias.


Pillarno. Asturias.

Photo by: Paula Sierra/Getty

Paula Sierra/Getty

Some people relax by looking at mouth-watering photos of their favorite comfort foods; others unwind by scrolling through video after video of cute animals. Well, what if we told you that you can combine the two for the ultimate heartwarming experience?

That’s right — we scoured Instagram for videos of adorable animals that have gotten their paws on human food (ya know… just because). We’re talking about dogs, cats, bunnies and more chowing down on some of our favorite treats. Here are a few that make us swoon:

Pizza Pup

This cute pooch is living his best life — getting fed pizza in bed.

Is This How Bread Is Made?

Well, it’s official: you really are what you eat!

A Universal Love for Chicken Nuggets

If there’s one thing humans have in common with cats, it’s that both species are big fans of chicken nuggets.

Zoodles for Days

Snoopy, a Flemish Giant rabbit, certainly keeps up with the trends: he’s chomping on a big ol’ plate of carrot noodles for dinner.

Bunny Besties

What’s better than one adorable bunny eating a banana? How about two adorable bunnies sharing a banana?

On a Health Food Kick

Who knew watching a tortoise enjoy a healthy snack could be so satisfying?

Now, That’s Our Kind of Treat!

This excited corgi can’t get enough of his pupsicle (yeah, we went there).

Chunk Won't Eat Junk

Chunk the Groundhog’s page is loaded with videos of him eating yummy food from a garden, but we’re particularly enthralled by the way he chows down on these plump tomatoes.

Hedgehogs: They're Just Like Us

There’s nothing wrong with being a messy eater!

This One Just Makes Sense

This rescued squirrel (appropriately named Skippy) is munching on one of his favorite snacks: peanuts.

Pup Cup

Meet Jiffpom: the most followed pet on Instagram with a whopping 10 million followers. This popular pooch gets to try all kinds of human goodies, from cheesecake to frozen custard.

Kitty Corn on the Cob

Watch how this furry feline chomps each corn kernel off the cob — she’s a pro!

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