Google Shares Halloween Food Data: What Are States Cooking and Drinking for the Holiday?

And which candy reigns supreme?

October 07, 2021
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Leave it to Google to tells us all about what people are looking for ahead of Halloween. The search engine just shared plenty of search data related to the upcoming holiday, including trending recipes by state, uniquely searched Halloween drinks by state, and the most-searched Halloween candy by state prior to October 31. All of this intel was collected from September 17-23.

As far as the trending recipes go, “popcorn balls” (or some variation of that term) was the most-searched recipe in five states — Arizona, California, Michigan, Nevada and North Carolina — which makes it the most popular recipe overall. If you’re interested in whipping up some popcorn balls this year, try this version from Ree Drummond made with candy corn.

Photo by: Image courtesy of Google

Image courtesy of Google

Many of the other trending recipes this year had to do with various body parts, which makes perfect sense given Halloween’s inherent creepiness. For example, residents of Georgia were really into “Halloween fingers,” while those who live in New York and Utah, respectively, were all about “goblin fingers” and “witches finger treats.” Other popular body part-related recipes include “edible eyeballs,” which took the cake in Illinois, and “Jello brain,” which nabbed the top spot in Oregon.

Fall treats, like cherry pie and apple-spiced cupcakes, also proved to be quite popular across several states.

One outlier in the bunch was “Pan de Muerto,” which took the No. 1 spot in New Mexico. While pan de muerto sounds like an apropos dessert for Halloween, it’s actually traditionally made in honor of Dia de los Muertos a.k.a. the Day of the Dead.

On the drink front, some states were all about festive punches or blood-related beverages, while others focused more on supernatural drinks or those influenced by a book or movie. One of the most frequently searched Halloween drinks across the country was “Witches brew”, which earned the top spot in Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Maine, Montana, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania.

Other popular beverage searches include a bloody Mary and candy corn Jell-O shots. For more Halloween drink inspiration, check out this gallery filled with haunted libations.

Photo by: Image courtesy of Google

Image courtesy of Google

And speaking of candy corn, it should come as no surprise that the orange, yellow, and white treat is the most-searched Halloween candy ahead of October 31. It reigned supreme in a whopping 39 states, with M&M’S securing the top spot in a mere 11 locations. Don’t mess with candy corn! And if you need some inspiration for how to use it all, click here.

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