The Most Popular Game Day Dips by State, According to Google

Americans love their buffalo chicken dip.

February 03, 2022
A bowl of Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip with blue cheese and celery in the background and crackers on the side.Similar Images:


A bowl of Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip with blue cheese and celery in the background and crackers on the side.Similar Images:

Photo by: Brycia James/Getty

Brycia James/Getty

As football fans count down to the big game on Sunday, February 13, their thoughts turn to snaps, passes, tackles and … dips?

For those planning to whip up something to dunk their chips into while snacking their way through the highly anticipated battle between the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals, those dip preoccupations loom large.

Over the last week, Google Search tells Food Network that people have flocked to their browsers to seek out recipes for “an array of dips that spread across the spectrum of taste.”

But all game-prep dip-recipe searches across the country are not equal. While we may all have our eyes glued to the same game (and commercials and half-time performances), Americans are seeking out different dip recipes in Massachusetts than they are in Minnesota, Google search trends indicate.

So what dip are people looking for in your state?

“Buffalo chicken dip” rules the day in a large number of states: Arizona; Delaware; Washington, D.C.; Idaho; Iowa; Kansas; Kentucky; Maine; Nebraska; New Hampshire; New Jersey; New York; North Carolina; North Dakota; Ohio; Pennsylvania; Rhode Island; and Tennessee. That makes it by far the most popular dip across the country, according to Google’s state-by-state look at its search data over the past week.

In Alabama, meanwhile, people are Googling to find recipes for a veggie twist on that widely popular dip: “buffalo cauliflower dip.” And South Dakota residents kept it simple, Googling recipes for “buffalo dip.”

People in Alaska, Hawaii and Massachusetts are united in their love for “7 layer dip,” while Washington residents apparently prefer “Greek layer dip.”

In Indiana and Michigan, they want their "cheese dip” and they want it now, whereas Minnesotas are specifically looking to make “cheddar cheese dip,” Floridians “cream cheese dip” and Utahans “chili cheese dip.”

In Maryland, game-day snackers are all about “cheesy hamburger dip.” In Mississippi, it’s the day for “baked cheesy dip.”

In Montana and Texas, folks are planning to devour “queso dip,” and in Wyoming they’re gilding the lily with “queso dip with hot sausage.”

Some states definitely like it hot. California and Illinois denizens are spicing things up with “jalapeno popper dip.” In Colorado, it’s “green chili dip” all the way. At West Virginia and Wisconsin game-watching parties, "taco dip” will likely be the order of the day, Google search data indicates, while in New Mexico they're apparently planning to slim things down with “skinny taco dip.”

Photo by: Image courtesy of Google

Image courtesy of Google

Louisianans la-la-love their “artichoke dip,” Missourians their “green dip,” Nevadans their “beer dip,” South Carolinians their “corn dip” and Oregonians their “French dip.” “Bean dip” reigns supreme in Arkansas and Georgia.

If you’re getting together with friends to watch the game in Vermont, don’t be surprised to be served “Hoagie dip.” In Virginia, be prepared for “pizza dip.” And in Connecticut, get psyched for some “crab rangoon dip,” a favorite there, Google search data shows.

Clearly, most states will be savoring the savory when it comes to game day dipping. One state, though, stands sweetly apart: In Oklahoma, the most searched for dip recipe over the past week was “chocolate chip cookie dip.”

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