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Short Stay in Miami

Malcolm Mitchell was eliminated from Team Bobby in Episode 8. A private chef from Washington, D.C., he made it all the way to South Beach with his soulful cooking.

Star Journal

The finalists were given Food Network journals to use throughout the competition. Malcolm filled his with prep lists and drafts of his presentations.

Team Bobby

Bobby picked chefs for his team with the philosophy that as long as his finalists had the culinary chops, he could teach them camera skills. Malcolm fit squarely into this category — his food never disappointed.

Photo By: Todd Plitt ©2012, Television Food Network, G.P.

Restaurant: Impossible

In the season's first challenge, Team Bobby felt right at home. They had 24 hours to open a restaurant. Malcolm wowed the judges with the shrimp and grits dish outlined in his journal, but from the beginning they were concerned about his POV (or lack thereof). "His POV is a little all over, but I love the dish. That's a good chef, not a star," said Susie.

In His Element

Malcolm delivered again in Episode 2's food-tour challenge, which brought Team Bobby to Harlem to explore local food businesses. Inspired by Casablanca Meat Market, Malcolm served fall-off-the-bone ribs with beans and rice. Some teammates, like Kara, didn't fare as well with soul food.

Photo By: Todd Plitt ©2012, Television Food Network, G.P.

Fashionable Food

To celebrate New York Fashion Week, the finalists were asked to make over an "unfashionable" dish. Malcolm got meatloaf and mashed potatoes, which he turned into a flavorful duck meatloaf with parsnip mash that the judges loved. Here, he wrote out his runway presentation in his journal.

Swagger on Stage

Malcolm hit the runway with confidence: "I'm going to bring my swagger," he said, and gave the camera a model-like pose. "The Malcolm who was here today, if he can stay and cook this food, I'm in," said Bob.

Photo By: Edward Chen/Creel Films ©2012, Television Food Network, G.P.

Off the Clock

The finalists were given digital cameras to document life in the Star house. Team Bobby teammates Malcolm and Michele were always serious in the kitchen, but found time to relax and goof around between challenges.

POV Mission Statement?

Throughout his eight episodes, Bobby and the judges repeatedly urged Malcolm to hone in on his POV. He was hesitant to get specific, but outlined a mission statement in his journal: "I will always keep it simple and soulful."

Bonding With the Competition

A shot inside the finalists' NYC loft shows Malcolm hanging out with Linkie, a Team Giada rival. Despite their strong team allegiances, all of the finalists bonded during the intense Star experience.

Organization Is Key

Malcolm's years of cooking experience are evident in the way he meticulously prepped and planned his dishes in his journal, crossing off each task as he completed it.

Focused on the Food

When Team Bobby was assigned American food for Episode 8's food-court challenge, they scrapped the idea of hamburgers and hot dogs in favor of regional seafood. Malcolm's Maryland-style crab cake was a hit, but it had so many components that he spent the entire time cooking and didn't get to interact with the guests and show his personality.

Photo By: Edward Chen/Creel Films ©2012, Television Food Network, G.P.

American Sandbar

Once again, Malcolm kept himself on task in the kitchen with detailed lists of cooking tools and ingredients he would need for his crab cakes. Even though his dish was successful, he was too busy cooking to shine in the challenge.

Welcome to Miami

Malcolm made it through to the next leg of the competition, which brought the finalists to Miami for the South Beach Wine & Food Festival. Bobby continued to urge him to think about POV, but Malcolm resisted: "My culinary genius has no limitation. Why should I pick one simple POV?"

Photo By: Edward Chen/Creel Films ©2012, Television Food Network, G.P.

Caribbean Inspiration

The Florida sunshine inspired Malcolm to go with Caribbean flavors for his SoBe beach party dish. He made jerk chicken wings for the adults at the party and a less-spicy version for the kids. The judges liked the dish, but didn't love it: "I wouldn't race across the street to get it," said guest judge Paula Deen.

Cocktail Throwdown

Malcolm ended up in the bottom, not due to his dish but to his lack of POV. "Your problem is the POV. Do you have a POV?" asked Bob. Malcolm faced Michele in a Producers' Challenge behind the bar, where he attempted to prove his POV through an apple cobbler cocktail inspired by his mom.

Photo By: Edward Chen/Creel Films ©2012, Television Food Network, G.P.

Farewell to Team Bobby

Bobby was in a tough spot, sitting between Malcolm and Michele in the pitch room. In the end, it was Malcolm's time to go home. He left graciously: "I had a great time here. I'm still a star, just not a Food Network star. I got it. I just wasn't, you know, the one."

Photo By: Edward Chen/Creel Films ©2012, Television Food Network, G.P.