Woinee Miriam

A migrant from a small country named Ethiopia with passion for culinary and cooking opened her lifetime dream of owning a restaurant began when she opened her first restaurant near the suburb of Austin in Pflugerville, Tx in 1998 as the nation was going through economical crisis. Her passion for cooking came from her mother who taught her the skills she has acquired while growing back home in Ethiopia. She watched her mom prepare holiday meals from the beginning to the endlearning the process and the ingredients that makes every meal special. Although the odds were stacked against her with the economy the way it was, she made her dream and passion come true with the unwavering support of her husband Solomon and family members. Although it was difficult to run a restaurant and raise a family, she along with her husband were able to raise three children who earned their college degrees who are now working in their profession. Today, she is proud to say that she opened her second restaurant near downtown just under four miles south of the State Capitol.