How to Make Christmas Crackers

Set a perfect holiday table with these whimsical treats.

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Christmas Crackers are fun interactive party favors designed to resemble oversized wrapped candies. Traditionally, the host places one cracker at each place-setting and each guest pulls their cracker from its ends. The pulling creates a celebratory cracking noise and releases the contents of the cracker. They are traditionally filled with paper crowns, jokes and confetti and add whimsy to the family table. Here are the easy steps to make them for your holiday table.

D.I.Y. Christmas Crackers

  1. Hot glue each end of the cracker snap to the tube with the snap sticking out on the ends.
  2. Wrap in one layer of tissue paper with enough overhang on the ends to create a 'candy' wrapper look.
  3. Add a small line of glue to the tube and roll the paper around the tube. Glue on to secure.
  4. Tie off one side of excess tissue paper with ribbon to close with the snap sticking through.
  5. Fill the open end with jokes, treats, confetti and crowns.
  6. Tie off the other side with ribbon to close.

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