Nick Jonas Performs at Grammys with Food Stuck in His Teeth

'At least you all know I eat my greens,' he quipped.


Photo by: Mike Windle

Mike Windle

When was the last time a pesky piece of spinach sent shock waves around the world?

It happened on Sunday night at the Grammys. When Nick Jonas took the stage with his brothers to sing a couple of songs (“Five More Minutes” and “What a Man Gotta Do”) live, viewers noticed a flash of something dark green lodged between two molars on the right side of his mouth.

And of course they rushed to Twitter to immediately share their alarm and their screen grabs.

“Is it me, or did someone not tell Nick Jonas he had something stuck in his tooth?” wrote one awards-show watcher in real time.

“Is Nick Jonas on the #GRAMMYS stage with spinach or something in his teeth?!?” echoed another.

Some folks speculated that it was something else: “a piece of black jelly bean,” “a cavity,” “oregano or parsley from pasta,” “chocolate.”

But after departing the spotlight, Jonas took to his own Twitter account to clear things up.

“So honored to have been back on the Grammy stage tonight,” he tweeted.

Then Jonas must have gotten wind of SpinachGate (or TeethGate or maybe … SpinachTeethGate?) pretty quickly -- not two minutes later someone commented in response, “The piece of spinach in your teeth was honored too king.” So Nick soon followed up with a second Tweet, punctuated by a goofy-face emoji: “And at least you all know I eat my greens.”

But was it spinach? Broccoli? Kale? What?! Perhaps, if we just wait five more minutes, Jonas will fill us all in.

Nick, bring us green-veggie closure. That – and a quick tooth check before your next televised appearance -- is what a man gotta do.

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