This Year, 7-Eleven Day Is 11 Days Long

In honor of its 95th birthday, the convenience chain is giving you more time to claim your free Slurpee.

June 09, 2022


Photo by: Photo courtesy of 7-Eleven

Photo courtesy of 7-Eleven

Historically speaking, 7-Eleven Day, which started back in 2002, is celebrated one day a year — on 7/11, naturally — and you have to rush out to a 7-Eleven on that day to claim your free Slurpee.

This year, though, you can breathe a bit easier because, as part of its 95th birthday festivities, 7-Eleven is offering you 11 full days to claim your free Slurpee — and you can do it across all 7-Eleven, Speedway and Stripes stores.

That’s the good news. The slightly complicating news is that you have to become or already be a 7Rewards and Speedy Rewards loyalty app member to claim your free Slurpee. So it’s no longer just an anybody-can-walk-right-in-and-grab-a-Slurpee situation.

Still, for those willing to take the extra step, here’s how it will work: On July 1, 7-Eleven will load a coupon for a free small Slurpee into the accounts of 7Rewards and Speedy Rewards loyalty app members. The coupon can be redeemed in-store any time from July 1 to July 11, which the convenience chain says is its “actual birthday.”

You can use the coupon for any flavor Slurpee: either classics like Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Pina Colada or Coca-Cola or special, limited-time-only flavors like Mango Lemonade or a new orange-hued “mystery” flavor 7-Eleven is calling What the Fanta.

And if you’re still feeling thirsty after downing your free Slurpee, you can easily and affordably enjoy more of them: Small Slurpee drinks will be priced at $1 at all 7-Eleven, Speedway and Stripes locations — in-store or via 7NOW delivery — all summer long.

Since a birthday celebration isn’t complete without food, 7-Eleven, Speedway and Stripes are also offering 11 days of $1 deals on a variety of snacks — hot dogs, taquitos, mini tacos, birthday cake and s’mores muffins and pizza — at participating locations. Plus, any size iced coffee is only $1 this summer, which is cool.

Happy 95th birthday, 7-Eleven! (You don’t look a day over 94!)

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