Adele Always Carries This Condiment in Her Purse, Proving That She’s Just Like Us

Plus 10 more food facts about the "Easy On Me" star.

October 20, 2021


Photo by: NBC/Getty


It’s difficult to pinpoint why, but there’s something deeply charming about watching Adele don a blindfold and try to guess the quintessentially British foods that are put before her by British Vogue for its Ultimate British Taste Test.

Alas, the video never fills us in on what cockles and spotted dick exactly are. (For that, we can consult definitions provided here and here.)

Nevertheless, we do learn a bunch of other things along the way, as the London-born music megastar shares her victual-evoked memories and musings.

Here are eleven of them:

1: Adele likes her tea prepared a particular way. The singer/songwriter says she prefers "to brew the teabag, add a bit of sugar, bit of milk, stir it, stir it, stir it." Then she wrings out the teabag, puts it wherever she pleases and enjoys. Oh, and her preferred brand of tea is PG Tips, but she’ll accept Twinings.

2: Adele does not like pickled eggs. They’re not her thing, but she doesn’t dislike them quite as much as she does jellied eel. Jellied eel? "Jellied eel is little chopped up bits of eel, which is probably just boiled, actually, now that I think about it, so it’s got no flavor at all," she explains, then shares. "One of my nans, I won’t name them, she likes eating them without her dentures."

3: She is, however, fond of cockles. When she was little — younger than 10 — she used to eat them with her family during trips to a beach. (The British kind of beach, with pebbles, she specifies.) Today, she finds them “yummy and very nostalgic.”

4: She can’t tell the difference between kippers and smoked mackerel… even though her mom often made the latter. But that doesn’t mean she’s culinarily challenged. Adele says learned to cook when she was about 18 after spending too much money on "takeaway" meals.

5: Her specialty is spicy pasta. She says "even Italians" say her spicy pasta is "incredible."

6: Her favorite British meal is "a Sunday roast." She serves it every single Sunday because it is her nearly-9-year-old son Angelo’s favorite. She’s really into Nando’s Peri-Peri Chicken. Her standard order: "I get, like, a quarter chicken, some coleslaw, some rice, and some fries," — er, she corrects herself, "chips"! (Too much time in L.A.?)


Photo by: Andrew1Norton/Getty


7: She believes a "fry up," as she calls a full English breakfast, is "the perfect hangover cure." Adele is into the fried eggs, the "British bacon" and grilled tomatoes, but not the blood sausage. "Obviously I’m always hung over," she shares.

8: Her favorite condiment is Heinz ketchup. Adele likes Worcestershire sauce — puts it on her breakfast. But Heinz ketchup is so necessary to her everyday life that she actually carries packets of it in her purse. "Beyoncé has hot sauce in her bag," she notes. "I have Heinz ketchup."

9: "No one makes a greater fish pie" than she does. So she insists.

10: Her "death-row meal" would come straight from McDonald’s. Bring her an order of Chicken McNuggets with a Big Mac and Fries. "That’s my three-course. I eat it at least once a week," she admits.

11: Adele’s mother’s cooking "never looked good." But it always tasted good. (That’s what counts.) Still, Adele’s mom was so "useless" at desserts they used to call whatever she baked "a rock cake — because rock cakes are meant to look like rocks," Adele explains.

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