There’s Now a One-Stop Shop for Celebrity Wines and Spirits

You’re only a few taps away from sipping like the stars.

July 01, 2020


Photo by: NBC/Getty


Maybe you’ve tried Diddy’s Ciroc vodka or Justin Timberlake’s 901 Silver Tequila. But did you know that Sarah Jessica Parker has gotten in on the wine business? Or that Marilyn Manson sells absinthe? Excuse me: Mansinthe.

Celebrity-owned and endorsed wine and spirits have become a major market trend that includes 200+ brands. (After George Clooney sold Casamigos tequila for $1 billion in 2018, it’s easy to see why.) Yet many struggle to get into customers’ hands; due to legal restrictions, liquor must be sold by a retailer with a storefront.

Now, a new online marketplace, GrapeStars, is closing the loop between distributors, retailers and consumers, making celebrity wine and spirit brands more accessible than ever. To shop, users simply enter their location and browse by celebrity or product type. Once an order is placed, the distributor then sends the items to affiliated retailers, who fulfill the order and deliver high-quality liquor to doorsteps around the country.



Photo by: Photo courtesy of GrapeStars

Photo courtesy of GrapeStars

“GrapeStars is the perfect outlet to find my favorite tequila, Codigo 1530, and have it conveniently delivered directly to you,” says American country music singer, songwriter, actor and music producer, George Strait. “I think it's a clever approach, putting together this collection of brands all within a one-stop shop.”

In the future, the app is also looking to leverage its star-studded list to create an innovative social media platform. Users will be able to interact with celebrities through augmented reality (AR) and AI features, stream live shows and events, chat with a virtual sommelier, and “give back” via GrapeStars Round Up, which is linked to a charity affiliated with a celebrity of choice.

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