Alcoholic Mountain Dew Will Soon Give Hard Seltzers a Run for Their Money

The new drink is slated to launch early next year.

August 11, 2021

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Mountain Dew

Photo courtesy of Mountain Dew

Step aside, hard seltzers. Alcoholic Mountain Dew is on the way.

Boston Beer Company, which is known for making Sam Adams beer, Twisted Tea, Truly Hard Seltzer and other libations, announced Tuesday that it has joined forces with Pepsi to create Hard Mtn Dew. As the upcoming canned drink’s name implies, it’s a combination of Mountain Dew and, well, booze.

According to a press release, Hard Mtn Dew is a “flavored malt beverage” that boasts an Alcohol by Volume (ABV) of 5 percent. It’s expected to come in three flavors — regular Mtn Dew, Black Cherry and Watermelon. Each variety has zero sugar and is crafted with “natural & artificial flavors.”

“We know that adult drinkers’ tastes are evolving, and they are looking for new and exciting flavorful beverages,” Dave Burwick, Boston Beer’s CEO, said in a statement. “The combination of our experience in brewing and developing the best-tasting hard seltzers and hard teas, and MTN DEW, a one of kind multi-billion dollar brand, will deliver the excitement and refreshment that drinkers know and love.”

Additionally Kirk Tanner, the CEO of PepsiCo Beverages North America, has promised Mountain Dew drinkers that this new creation will still be familiar and maintain the “bold, citrus flavor fans know and expect” from the popular soda.

As part of the business arrangement, Boston Beer will develop and produce new Hard Mtn Dew, while PepsiCo has set up a new entity to sell, deliver, and merchandise the product. The product is expected to be available for purchase in early 2022.

The announcement regarding Hard Mtn Dew comes as many brands have entered the canned alcoholic beverage space. Artisanal Brew Works released Warheads Hard Setzer last month, and Travis Scott debuted his CACTI Spiked Seltzer back in March. Even existing names in this space have stepped up their game. Truly launched alcoholic freeze pops in June, while White Claw unveiled a new Surge line in April that contains more alcohol than traditional White Claw beverages.

Bottoms up!

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