How to Make Spider Sandwiches Just Like Princess Charlotte’s

Kate Middleton’s kids love it — and we bet your little ones will too!

May 08, 2020


Photo by: Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty

Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty

We’re not the only ones yearning for fun kitchen projects. In a rare television interview via video call on British show This Morning, Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, shared that the royal family is doing “fine” and “stuck into home schooling again” from Anmer Hall, where she, Prince William and their children are staying. But amid lessons, the Duchess revealed there’s been some sibling drama between Prince George and Princess Charlotte. The six-year-old prince was “jealous” of his five-year-old sister’s homework – which involved building “spider sandwiches.”

“George gets very upset because he wants to do all of Charlotte’s projects… Spider sandwiches are far cooler than literacy work!

We have to agree.

Inspired by Princess Charlotte’s homework, we looked to Amanda Neal, a Food Network test kitchen recipe developer, to teach us exactly how we – and your little ones – can make a spider sandwich of our own. You probably have everything you need to make this fun food craft right in your pantry. Check out the recipe below!

Photo by: Amanda Neal

Amanda Neal

Spider Sandwich

Yield: 1 sandwich


2 slices whole wheat or white sandwich bread
2 to 3 Tbsp creamy peanut butter, almond butter or chocolate-hazelnut spread
2 semisweet or milk chocolate chips
8 small pretzel sticks

Special Equipment:

1 3-inch round pastry cutter

Photo by: Amanda Neal

Amanda Neal


Spread the nut butter on 1 slice of bread, then top with the remaining slice to form a sandwich. Place the pastry cutter in the center of the sandwich, and cut out a circle to use as the spider’s body. Use small dollops of nut butter to attach the chocolate chip eyes. Insert 4 small pretzel sticks on each side of the circle to form the spider’s legs, then serve.


  • You can also spread your favorite jam or jelly on this sandwich along with the peanut butter. However, the jelly will squeeze out the sides more easily once you cut the sandwich round.
  • Creamy nut butter is best for this sandwich. It will be very challenging to cut through if there are whole nuts or seeds standing in the way.
  • It’s best to use fresh, untoasted bread for this sandwich so the pastry cutter will easily and cleanly cut through the bread.

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