Yes, There’s a Biscoff Beer That Tastes Just Like Those Famous Cookies

Over 2,000 cookies made this brew possible.

October 05, 2021


Photo by: hamza ishqaidif/Getty

hamza ishqaidif/Getty

Today, in interesting beer news, a pair of British breweries — Driftwood Spars in Cornwall and Fallen Acorn in Hampshire — have joined forces to craft a beer that tastes just like those Biscoff cookies that are often handed out on airplanes.

The limited-edition beer, dubbed Niflheim Imperial Biscoff Stout, gets its moniker from Norse mythology and boasts 10-percent ABV. In order to really nail down that unmistakable cookie flavor, Driftwood Spars and Fallen Acorn used more than 2,000 Biscoff cookies as well as some of that popular Lotus Biscoff spread to brew the drink. There are about 1,400 total pints of the new beer available.

“We’ve got a great relationship with Fallen Acorn,” Mike Mason, head brewer at Driftwood Spars, told The Falmouth Packet. “We decided to collaborate on two beers which would push the boundaries of our respective brew kits — the first of which is Niflheim, a beer we brewed over two days and four very sticky mash cycles.”

As Mason explained, this isn’t the first time he’s been involved in creating a cookie-centric beer. “I actually brewed a lower ABV Biscoff coffee caramel stout a few years back in collaboration with an excellent pub called The Dog in Burton on Trent,” he added. “It went down really well, so we decided to revive and adapt the idea for the first leg of the collaboration.”

Given Mason’s prior experience, it’s not surprising that this beer is also quite smooth. More specifically, Niflheim Imperial Biscoff Stout is apparently “sweet, malty and loaded with silky caramel.”

However, unless you live across the pond, getting your hands on a pint of this unique creation might be a bit tricky, at least for now. Currently, Niflheim Imperial Biscoff Stout is slated to launch in Brian on October 9 and there are less than 1,500 pints in existence. Still, some of the imperial stout will reportedly be canned, which means it could very well travel stateside at some point.

If a unique beer is what you’re after, you might consider an option that’s slightly easier to obtain — pretzel beer. Last month, Snyder’s of Hanover launched two pretzel-forward beers in honor of Oktoberfest. The first variety, Pretzel Marzen is a Marzen-style lager that blends a “classic malty taste with elevated notes of slow-baked Snyder’s of Hanover Mini pretzels.” The second iteration, Pretzel Frucht, has a “sweet and savory balance.” It’s a gose-style ale brewed with pretzels, passion fruit and guava.

What are you waiting for? Drink up!

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