How You Can Send $50 Worth of Free Chocolate to a Friend Who Needs It the Most

Chocolatier Hotel Chocolat wants to help bring a sweet surprise to your favorite people.

May 17, 2020

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Your colleague who had to postpone their wedding. Your nephew who won’t be able to attend an in-person graduation. Your friend whose baby is due any day now.

You wish you could do something to make them feel celebrated, supported and loved.

Actually, you can. You can send them… free chocolate.

Hotel Chocolat is offering to send $50 worth of fancy chocolate – on them, from you – to your friends and family members who have had to cancel or postpone important life events, like graduations and weddings, due to the pandemic. The luxury chocolatier’s Chocolate Cuddles Campaign, as it has been dubbed, is a sweet way to show someone you care.

Starting Monday, May 18, you can go to the Hotel Chocolat website and place an order, including a personal message that will – when paired with $50 worth of high-end chocolate – be sure to boost the receiver’s spirits.

Hotel Chocolat, which has U.S. locations in New York City, New Jersey and Washington, D.C., as well as shops around the world, will ship the gift packages nationwide. And while the chocolate is free, you will need to cover the cost of shipping, which you can expect to come to somewhere between $10 and $15, depending on where the chocolate is being shipped.

Not a bad deal. And just think of how happy you’ll make your loved one.

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