You Can Now Buy Snoop Dogg's Hot New Wine

"Snoop Cali Red" has dropped.

July 10, 2020

Photo by: Mark Owens

Mark Owens

When it comes to alcoholic beverages, Snoop Dogg may be associated more strongly with Gin N Juice than with wine, but that’s not stopping him from becoming the latest celebrity to get into the wine biz.

The rap star has teamed up with Australian brand 19 Crimes to launch a new wine: Snoop Cali Red. The wine brand — which gets its name from the fact that, in the 1700s, British criminals convicted of at least one of 19 crimes were sentenced to live in Australia instead of facing death — is known not only for its outlaw swagger, but also for its Living Labels app, which allows people to scan its bottle labels with their phones and learn about the rule flouters that inspire the wines. Customers will be able to scan their phones across the photo of a sober-looking Snoop on the label of Snoop Cali Red and see and hear him tell “the story of a true D-O-Double-G,” according to a brand spokesperson.

The Snoop-inspired wine, which makes its nationwide debut on July 15, will be the Australian brand’s first California bottling. Priced at $12 per bottle and 14.1 percent alcohol by volume, it’s a red blend of Lodi Petite Syrah (65 percent), Zinfandel (30 percent) and Merlot (5 percent) aged in oak, to bring it a “distinct smoky component that also yields vanilla and chocolate,” the brand says.

Photo by: Photo courtesy of 19 Crimes

Photo courtesy of 19 Crimes

Snoop “embodies the spirit of 19 Crimes – rule breaking, culture creating and overcoming adversity,” John Wardley, marketing vice president, Americas, for 19 Crimes parent company Treasury Wine Estates, said in an announcement.

Snoop, for his part, said he was “a fan” of 19 Crimes wines and “excited” to bring his own blend to market.

As part of the launch, Wardley says 19 Crimes will donate $100,000 to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund to help the organization “seek justice for people who are unfairly facing incarceration,” in connection with recent nationwide Black Lives Matter protests.

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