Snapchat's New Scanning Feature Can Help You Choose a Bottle of Wine

It’s like having your own personal sommelier.

October 30, 2020


Photo by: David Silverman/Getty

David Silverman/Getty

We all know judging a book by its cover only cheats the reader. Despite this, many of us don’t have much more to go by when shopping for wine. In fact, over 80% of wine purchase decisions are made on the label alone.

But Snapchat is here to rescue our wine shop runs with something we didn't know we needed: a scanning feature made in partnership with Vivino, a wine rating app with 42 million users. In the app, you can now snap a picture of any wine label to reveal an entire tasting profile of the bottle. From average price to suggested food pairings, one photo can unlock a world of information on a wine, all of which is user generated.

As a sommelier, I’ve always said that finding wines you will enjoy is a lot like finding your next favorite song. This feature allows you to see if a wine is at the top of the charts or is more of an indie rock band song, yet to be discovered. Either way, buying bottles will feel less like taking a stab in the dark and more like choosing a restaurant after combing through Yelp reviews. With a trove of opinions, you’ll be able to make more informed buys.

The next time you’re roaming a shop wondering, “What’s the best I can do with $20 here?” or “What bottle will pair best with shrimp scampi?” the new feature is sure to come in handy. It’s like having your very own sommelier in your back pocket.

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