Spindrift’s New Spiced Apple Drink Is “Neither Cider nor Seltzer”

The brands first seasonal flavor is offered in both sparkling and spiked varieties.

October 04, 2022

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Photo by: Photo courtesy of Spindrift Beverage Co.

Photo courtesy of Spindrift Beverage Co.

If you think of sparkling water and hard seltzer as pretty much a summer thing — something to be tucked away for another day when you move the scarves and flannels to the front of the closet — Spindrift would like you to think again. Just in time for fall, the fruit-forward sparkling water brand is launching its first-ever limited-time seasonal flavor: Spiced Apple Cider.

The new flavor is made with real crushed apples, cinnamon and “just the right amount of bubbles” and is available in both Sparkling (that is, with no alcohol) and Spiked (hard seltzer) varieties. Meant to evoke “warmth and comfort,” both versions of Spindrift’s Spiced Apple Cider are meant to be a “lighter” and “more real-tasting” take on the traditional autumn flavor, a “category-defying” drink that is, strictly speaking, neither cider nor seltzer, but rather somewhere in between. It is, the brand says, “a completely new taste for Spindrift.”

“Fall is an ideal season for Spindrift. It’s when the air is crisp, food turns heartier, and when many people return to where they feel the most at home to spend time with loved ones,” Bill Creelman, founder and CEO of Spindrift, says in a press release. “Spiced Apple Cider pairs perfectly with fall and tastefully accompanies those homecoming moments.”

First out of the gate will be Spindrift Spiked Spiced Apple Cider. Eight-packs of 12-ounce cans are now starting to hit the hard seltzer sections of grocery and liquor stores in select regions. (You can find out here if the flavor is being sold near you.)

Spindrift Spiced Apple Cider sparkling water will follow in early November; 24-packs will be available exclusively on the Spindrift website.

So are these Spindrift seasonal flavors going to be a reoccurring thing? Creelman seems to indicate that it will.

“People have such strong associations matching flavors to times of year. That’s why we’re looking forward to exploring more seasonal offerings in the future,” he says. “Real ingredients like fruit, grow by season – there is an optimal time for when they are best harvested. When we let nature guide us, the results are always incredible.”

We’ll drink to that.

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