Oreo Builds Vault to Store Cookie Stash for the World

Write this down: 78 degrees 08'58.1"N, 16 degrees 01’59.7"E.

November 04, 2020

Photo by: OREO Cookie/YouTube

OREO Cookie/YouTube

We’re not much for doomsday scenarios, but when they involve cookies, I mean, we can’t help but pay at least some attention. The good news is that an asteroid did not hit our planet on November 2 or 3, as some had feared. The better news is that in the tiny asteroid’s uneventful wake, we’ve been left with a stash of Oreos in a vault that will offer comfort (and cookies!) in any future moments of anticipation and alarm.

Nabisco has taken the opportunity to build an asteroid-proof vault to house stacks of Oreos, powdered milk (to be mixed with snow) and the recipe for the beloved cookie in frosty Svalbard, Norway, patterning its construction and positioning after the Global Seed Vault, built to preserve seed samples from the world’s crops in the event of disaster.

“Our spot’s better [than the Global Seed Vault’s] because it’s higher … That will be safer for sure,” Markus Thorland, the project manager for Johansdotter Architecture, which designed the Oreo cookie vault, said in a video charting the project.

Thorland says Oreo called him about a month ago to build a cookie vault modeled on the seed vault, “but instead of having two years to construct it, I had to be finished within 30 days.”

Happily, he and his team seem to have managed to meet that goal.

“I would hate for the world to lose Oreo cookies,” Thorland said, with a solemness we can only guess was tongue in cheek. “It’s a big responsibility.”

Even more happily, the cookies remain tucked away safely in their trusty bunker. Coordinates: 78 degrees 08'58.1"N, 16 degrees 01’59.7"E.

“Inside the Global OREO Vault, cookies have been sorted into Emergency OREO Ration Packs, protected by durable casing and accompanied by powdered milk,” the Oreo brand tweeted. “Each cookie pack is wrapped in protective Mylar which can keep our cookies safe from temperatures of -80 degrees F to 300 degrees F.”

So in the end (thankfully, not, like, THE END), we can all sleep a little more soundly knowing that in case we need a heap of cookies, we can find them stowed away in the Svalbard permafrost.

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