This $2 Cleaning Tool Can Reach the Tiniest Crevices in Your Kitchen

The Lil Chizler might be the most satisfying thing you buy yourself this year.

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December 13, 2021

Photo by: Heath Goldman

Heath Goldman

My mom likes to describe my personality by telling an embarrassing story from when I was two: my favorite thing to do was to ~meticulously~ peel labels off bottles. Barbies? Meh. But a big Perrier bottle with the label stuck on extra-well? Now that was my kind of fun. Luckily, my idea of entertainment has evolved, but I still take immense satisfaction in pointing a laser beam of focus on accomplishable tasks like cleaning. And judging by the number of TikTok-famous cleaning accounts that exist, I’m guessing that many of you do, too. Admit it: you’ve probably seen at least one of Emily Mariko’s videos and had the urge to inspect the crumbs in the crack between your stove and countertop. And if you don’t have TikTok, but the idea of hard-to-reach crumbs makes you uneasy, keep reading.

I discovered my favorite cleaning tool years ago while working at the women’s lifestyle magazine Real Simple. Let me tell you, the home department at Real Simple taught me most of what I know about housekeeping, from how to fold a fitted sheet to every single way to remove a wine stain from your shirt. The Lil Chizler is one of those tips that is too good not to be shared.

Photo by: Heath Goldman

Heath Goldman

The Lil Chizler. It sounds like something that would be advertised on TV, and it probably was at some point. It looks and feels a bit like the head of a rubber spatula crossed with a credit card, and its main purpose is to scrape gunk off surfaces without scratching them. In fact, the Lil Chizler’s original job was to scrape ice off windshields before clean freaks caught wind of it and started using it to remove food stuck in skillets, candle wax that’s dripped onto the table, stubborn soap scum on the inside of the kitchen sink and yep, even labels off bottles and jars.

This clean freak loves using the more pointed end of the Lil Chizler to dig into nooks and crannies around the kitchen like the joints around the sink faucet or the annoying round metal studs where the handle of a nonstick pan meets the pan.

Plus, it’s hard to beat three for $5 — less than two bucks each! And if you get really hooked? The Lil Chizler site sells bulk packs.

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