The Snacks That Are Getting Us Through the Day

Switch up your snack rotation with some of our faves.

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May 19, 2020

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Photo by: Dani García / EyeEm/Getty

Dani García / EyeEm/Getty

We’ve all felt it – the 3 p.m. slump that makes it hard to finish a workday strong, let alone make it to dinner without ravaging the fridge. Here’s what we’ve been snacking on to make it through the afternoon.


The 3 p.m. slump has been hitting me hard lately, and, to combat it, I’ve been relying on snacks that give me a boost of energy while not filling me up too much before dinner. These packs of beef jerky from Kalahari Biltong are high in protein and come in a variety of delicious flavors. But when I need something sweet, I opt for either Pop Zero Cinnamon Toast popcorn or Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds from Lily’s Sweets.
-Rachel Trujillo, Associate Content Editor

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I’m more of a salty-snack person than a sweet-snack person, but the best snacks are a just-right balance of both. These perfectly seasoned plantain chips are crunchy but also almost a little bit buttery too. I just ordered two more bags!
-Lauren Piro, Director, Editorial

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Spindrift sparkling water is my daily afternoon treat right now. My favorite flavors are raspberry lime, orange mango and strawberry. (I have a feeling the newest flavor pineapple is pretty great, too.) These cans are naturally flavored with real fruit juice and pulp. You’ll notice they have a color, unlike most seltzers. I also love that they’re pretty mildly carbonated, so I’m not bloated until dinnertime.

-T.K. Brady, Senior Editor

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Pizza-flavored anything has always been my weakness when it comes to snacks. These Goldfish crackers not only have a strong cheesy taste but also have hints of oregano and basil seasoning, which makes a pizza! They’re so addicting and definitely my guilty pleasure when it comes to salty snacks.

-Lauren Tom, Associate Content Producer

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For better or worse, I’m a snacker. Specifically, crunchy, salty snacks that I can keep reaching for. Air-popped popcorn has been a staple in my house forever, but I’ve been leaning on it lately to avoid things like tortilla chips or pretzels. I like to either toss in a little bit of kosher salt or don’t judge me dip the popcorn in Frank’s Red Hot, for a guilt-free afternoon snack.

-Julie Hines, Managing Editor, Food Network Kitchen App

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Lately my kids and I have been eating a lot of PBfit, paired with apples, celery and even carrots. I love how this peanut butter powder has fewer calories and less fat than traditional peanut butter, but it still delivers the same peanut flavor and creamy consistency you know and love. And all you have to do is mix a little PBfit with water! I find it really easy to reach for the unhealthier items in my cupboard when 3 p.m. rolls around, but there’s really no excuse when I’ve got this stuff on hand.

-Meghan Hynes Cole, Associate Editor

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I’m totally guilty of a being a snack-aholic. Whether it’s a kettle potato chip, Cheez-It or pretzel snap, I’m always game to grab a handful. But the one snack that’s my absolute favorite and truly gets me through the day is Smartfood White Cheddar Popcorn! It’s salty, cheesy and crunchy. Plus, it’s surprisingly low in calories and fat, which makes me feel a little less guilty when I polish off a whole bag in one sitting.

-Amanda Neal, Recipe Developer

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Whenever I shop for trail mix, I always look for the ones that have chocolate chips and dried cherries in them — I love the contrast of salty and sweet and crunchy and chewy. I think I might have found my Holy Grail trail mix with Trader Joe’s Happy Trekking. It has the perfect ratio of chocolate chips to nuts and plenty of dried cherries in-between to provide a pop of sweetness in every handful. I always keep a stash handy at my desk.

-Katherine Lok, Culinary Fellow, Editorial

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I recently got a box of Legally Addictive cookies sent to me and they’ve easily become my new favorite snack... maybe of all time. Part crispy cracker, part delicious cookie, each hybrid treat is made up of a yummy trifecta of sticky toffee, rich chocolate and toppings like delicious cinnamon sugar, rainbow sprinkles, coarse sea salt and everything bagel seasoning. Their sweet-meets-salty combination is just what I need to get me through a rough afternoon slump or late-night snack craving, and you can easily crumble them up and add them to everything from ice cream and brownies to cupcakes and pudding cups. Their 4-Flavor Party Pack even comes delivered in a beautiful bright pink box which instantly puts you in a great mood just by looking at it! Do yourself a favor and buy some extra bags of their O.G. and Surprise Party flavors they’ll make your life sweeter in an instant.

-Michelle Baricevic, Online Editorial Coordinator, Food Network Magazine

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Lately I find myself reaching for a tub of Cedar's Tzatziki for an afternoon snack. I’m a fan of the cucumber garlic flavor as well as the cucumber garlic and dill. I love to get a small plate of cut vegetables like carrots, celery, radish and cucumber and dip away. It has enough protein to satisfy without ruining my appetite for dinner and is also delicious with potato chips or crackers for days I’m feeling less virtuous.

-Melissa Gaman, Recipe Developer, Food Network Culinary

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SugarFree Red Bull or Diet Coke 12 ounce can because I am a tired human being that needs a pick-me-up to get through the day with my kids and since it’s cold, I can drink it quickly. (I used to drink iced coffee but if I need the pick-me-up, I need it quick and forget to make it ahead of time). And Sriracha Peas and Wasabi Peas (by Hapi) just picked these up at the liquor store. I forgot how much I appreciate them for waking up my sinuses and making me sweat.

-Danielle Strain, Director, Culinary Production, Digital

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I’ve been pounding bags of Snacklins — they’re like vegan pork rinds. I love how crunchy and satisfying they are and a whole bag is only 80 calories! There are Chesapeake Bay and BBQ flavors but I’m really into the Miso Ginger.

-Leah Brickley, Senior Editor

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I don’t snack much, but when I do, I make it worth my while. Call me bougie, but my ideal 3 p.m. treat is a personal mini cheese board, complete with seedless red grapes (spheres, NOT ovals!), Carr’s Water Crackers, Gouda and this is essential some Dalmatia Fig Spread. I cannot stand when the amount of cheese isn’t exactly lined up with the number of crackers, so I cut a portion of gouda off the block, and pre-slice the portion into small rectangles while I plate everything. I count up the rectangles, usually about 7-10, and put precisely the same number of crackers on the plate. It’s a good way to portion-control (we all know bountiful cheese boards can lead us down endless holes of happy gluttony), but it’s also just a kind-of-weird, kind-of-funny tick I have. Once everything is plated, I spread the jam on each cracker and place Gouda on top to enjoy all the wonderful flavors at once, with every bite.

-Maggie Wong, Associate Editor

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