Waffle Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches, 4 Ways

The hosts of The Kitchen share their favorite, craveable combos.

Episode: Summer Upgrades
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The hosts share Waffle Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches four ways, as seen on Food Network's The Kitchen

Making the waffles into ice cream sandwiches is a fantastic way of leveling up our easy Waffle Brownie recipe. Make the waffles according to this recipe.

Once the brownies are cooled, fill them with your favorite ice cream, roll them in crunchy toppings and freeze them to set up. Here are our favorites.

Jeff loves a peanut butter pieces waffle brownie sandwich. It has peanut butter ice cream and is rolled in crushed coated peanut butter candies. If you're not into peanut butter candies, sub in crushed peanuts.

Katie's favorite is a fun take on the classic ice cream sundae--banana split! Scoop on Neapolitan ice cream and roll the sandwich in a mix of crushed chocolate-covered dried bananas and chopped dried cherries. If you're feeling wild, add hot fudge!

GZ goes for the classic combo of mint and chocolate with his mint chocolate chip waffle brownie sandwich. Fill the waffle with your favorite mint chocolate chip ice cream and roll it in chopped mint chocolate candies.

Every day is a celebration with Sunny's birthday cake waffle brownie bonanza. The birthday cake ice cream has all the best parts of the original dessert like buttercream frosting and actual cake pieces. Scoop it on and roll it in sprinkles!

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