Award-Worthy Oscar Party Cocktails

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With the Oscars just hours away, it’s time to get serious — serious about planning a little soiree with your movie-loving friends who also love to get dressed to the nines.

The Oscars are a fun event in my house. We’re big movie people, so I’m always excited to see who takes home the gold. I like to invite over a handful of friends for an Oscars viewing party, mix up a few fun cocktails that are classy, swanky and delicious, and add a few little nibbles too. I mean, let’s be honest here — it’s really all about the cocktails in this case. No one actually eats at those awards shows; it’s more about the drinks, socializing and looking fabulous.

So in honor of that, here’s my Oscar party cocktail menu that you can whip up in no time:

Bobby has a great recipe for a Kir Royale. This drink only has a few ingredients, but they're fun and decadent, so when you mix them all together you’ve got a gorgeous bubbly concoction that’s going to be a crowd-pleaser! Bonus: you can ask your friends coming over to pick up a bottle of bubbly or two to use for these drinks.

Get the recipe: Kir Royale

I’m a sucker for any cocktail that involves ginger beer, so this spot-on dark and stormy is one of my favorites.

Get the recipe: Dark and Stormy

I’m equally as obsessed with gin fizzes. And I’ve found that a lot of my friends have never had one before. So of course, I take it upon myself to solve that dilemma and whip up a batch of these for them to try.

Get the recipe: Gina's Gin Fizz

The French 75 cocktail by Alex Guarnaschelli is one of my favorites. It’s a fun, citrusy sparkling cocktail that makes you feel super fancy — like you’re actually at the Oscars too.

Get the recipe: The French 75

As with every party, if you serve cocktails, you should also serve several small bites that will pair well with drinks. So here's what I'm going to make, still keeping it easy:

Giada makes these sophisticated yet easy, Prosciutto-Wrapped Crudites — they're so fun and totally delish.

Get the recipe: Prosciutto-Wrapped Crudite

And last but not least, we need a little sustenance to keep us going through the night. How about Alton’s Swedish meatballs? These are so tasty, and you can make them ahead of time and then keep them over low heat until people are ready to dig in.

Get the recipe: Swedish Meatballs

Gaby Dalkin is a chef, photographer/food stylist, enthusiastic traveler and guacamole fanatic. She is the founder of What’s Gaby Cooking, where she showcases her simple and sassy recipes that feature whichever ingredients she is currently obsessing over. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Thomas, and her cat, Stella.

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