Thanksgiving Will Be Weird This Year: Green Bean Casserole Seltzer Is Now a Thing

Well, it’s definitely a conversation starter.

November 08, 2022

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Photo by: Photo courtesy of Aura Bora

Photo courtesy of Aura Bora

We’re used to pretty weird food mashups, from pumpkin spice mac and cheese to mustard doughnuts. But the holiday season is kind of sacred, and we crave our traditions just as we have always had them – especially those turkey dinners with all the trimmings. So, are we ready to take one of the most classic of holiday sides and enjoy it in a very different way?

Aura Bora has turned Thanksgiving season upside down with its new Green Bean Casserole sparkling water, which according to the company’s description, has a “sweet, earthy, and buttery flavor” and is like taking a bite out of a “perfectly crunchy, succulent green bean.”

We’re all for keeping things healthy everywhere we can, and sparkling water with fun and unique flavors is nothing new, but this is most certainly an unexpected development. But, who knows, after all those heavy holiday dishes, maybe a festive sparkling water is exactly what we need to wash everything down.

“Everyone knows side dishes are the best part of a Thanksgiving meal. So we upped the ante. Green Bean Casserole was inspired by Aura Bora superfans, who LOVE daring and unassuming sparkling water flavors. We like to say, ‘Our Green Bean Casserole is better than your mom’s.’ I hope you think so too,” says Aura Bora co-founder and CEO on the inspiration behind the weirdest sparkling water flavor launch yet.

On November 8, Green Bean Casserole will be available through Aura Bora’s next Secret Menu, which is mainly accessible through its newsletter for its email subscribers. Sounds like a great time to start stocking up for some interesting holiday conversations!

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