We Tried Graza, The New Olive Oil That Comes in a Squeeze Bottle

How did we not think of this sooner?

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January 27, 2022

You’re in the middle of pulling together dinner and realize the dish you’re cooking is crying out for another splash of olive oil. You reach for the EVOO and, ewwww, that glass bottle of oil is somehow simultaneously both slippery and sticky.

Later, when you put the bottle back down on your counter, or go to stow it in the pantry, you realize it’s leaving a shiny slick of oil on whatever surface it touches. Yuck.

We’ve all been there. But now a new premium olive oil company, Graza, is rethinking the olive oil bottle and offering a fresh, less messy take.

Two words: squeeze bottle.

Graza’s new EVOO, which is made using Picual olives from Spain according to a transparent process — “harvest, crush, press, and filter, producing a mouthwateringly fresh olive oil that is never blended,” the company says — launched this month, squeezing into the premium olive oil market with an aim to present a high-quality taste at an affordable price point and in a breakthrough accessible format.

The olive oil comes in two squeezable bottles with cute names: Drizzle (500ml, $20 — “for dipping or finishing touches”) and Sizzle (750ml, $15 — “for searing, baking, roasting, dressing, and frying”) that look kind of like Sriracha hot sauce or even refillable mustard or ketchup bottles, only they’re not. The key difference here, though, is that these squeeze bottles are fully opaque to help keep the oil fresh (that is, away from light damage). So with Graza, you get the ease of a squeeze bottle – lighter, easier to control in the kitchen – along with the quality of some of the fancier, glass bottles on the market. Plus, squeeze bottles just feel more fun.

Food Network Editor Maggie Wong had a chance to try the Graza bottles and shared, “These olive oils feel casual enough for everyday use, without compromising on quality. I was pleasantly surprised by how pronounced the olive oils’ flavor was, and not in a way that felt overwhelming. You could tell how fresh the oils were. Whenever I drizzled or cooked with these, the oils brought a bright, joyful flavor to whatever I was cooking. Graza has earned a permanent spot in my cooking arsenal!”

Graza is currently available for purchase on its website, but with retailers to follow, according to a brand representative.

Will you be giving Graza a try?

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