Delicate Macarons are the Perfect Canvas for Endless Halloween Creativity

Cute and creepy, these treats are to die for.

October 19, 2020

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Photo by: @macarune/Instagram


Whether or not you’re planning to mark Halloween this year in any of the usual ways, like dressing up in costume and eating candy, you may as well celebrate it in some unusual ways as well. Like, for instance, making Halloween macarons — or at least gaping at other people’s remarkably intricate Halloween macarons. The latter is super easy to do, thanks to what appears to be a developing trend.

Seriously, some people’s Halloween-macaron handiwork is just … so … compelling. For instance:

Jyoti Nanra, a Toronto and Los Angeles-based confectionery artist, shared a video showing the creation of some adorable black macarons in the shape of witch hats.

Nanra also shared a photo of Sugar Skull macarons and they are seriously to die for (no pun intended).

Last Halloween, she posted a video of the making of a creepy-crawly Nutella macaron — purple, with black spider perched on a gold luster web. So intricate!

Meanwhile, NYC-based macaron baker, photographer @macarune shared images of blood-spattered macarons

Witch’s cauldron macarons …

Mummy macarons ...

Black cat macarons ...

Bloodshot-eyeball macarons …

And macarons in the shape of pumpkin trick-or-treat bags “to make up for the lack of #trickortreating in #2020 🎃” — sigh.

You’ve gotta love the expressive faces on these Halloween-themed macarons shared by Norway-based @tastychannel.

And the creepy, crypt-like, skeletal-hand macarons posted by Janette Pham, a Toronto baker of custom cakes and sweets.

These Frankenstein macarons with pumpkins on their heads by @m_comme_macaron.

And there’s no way I’d turn down these candy corn macarons by @macherimacarons.

Or these Dracula macarons posted by Adi Bear Sweets.

Or these pumpkins and ghosts holding pumpkins shared by @ellacake_91.

Honestly, if there’s a sweeter way to celebrate Halloween this year, we can’t think of it.

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