Wanna Get Paid to Eat Pizza? This App’s Got the Job for You

50 people across the country can nab this role for their home state.

June 24, 2021


Photo by: Yevgen Romanenko/Getty

Yevgen Romanenko/Getty

Slice, the platform powering the nation's largest network of independent pizzerias in an effort to help them stay competitive with larger chains, is offering people across the country a chance to get paid to eat pizza. Yes, you read that right!

More specifically, the pizza-focused app is looking for 50 people (one from each state) to join its P.I.E. Society — which stands for the Promotion of Independents Everywhere — as their state’s Resident Head of Pizza. In the role, each P.I.E. member will be tasked with visiting and ordering from pizzerias in their state on a weekly basis, capturing content that shares insight into each tasty slice, spotlighting the best pizzerias, and, oh yeah, eating many, many slices of ’za along the way.

And that’s not all! In order to perform their duties effectively, each P.I.E. rep will receive a year’s supply of free pizza (which Slice claims is a $1,300 value,) a $500 stipend to get to travel and try new pizzerias in their state throughout the year, plenty of Slice gear so they can proudly rep their home state, and a “content creation kit” so they can expertly document the pizza-eating journey.

According to Slice, this job is perfect for someone who is “passionate about small business” and loves pizza. Not a bad gig, right? Additionally, the roles are open to all registered Slice app users who are at least 21 years old.

As Slice sees it, this is a great way to spotlight smaller, local pizzerias, which often struggle to stay competitive with large corporate chains like Domino’s or Pizza Hut. “Independent pizzerias are the heart of every community and who better to evangelize the best local pizzerias than the locals themselves,” Slice's Chief Business Officer, PJ Oleksak, explained in a press release.

He added: “Slice has over 16,000 pizzerias in our network spanning across all 50 states — and now, we’re looking for the eaters who are as obsessed with pizza as we are to taste the pies and tell the stories of the most delicious independents pizzerias on the map.”

The nationwide search for the perfect P.I.E. Society members begins June 24, and is slated to end on July 30. The winners will be notified on August 13. For more information on how you can live out your pizza-filled dreams, click here.

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