Tropicana’s New Accessory Turns Your Juice Bottle Into a ‘Mimosa Maker’

The spray top has three settings 'Whisper,' 'Spritz' and 'Shower,' so you can perfect your OJ-to-bubbly ratio.

November 09, 2022

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Tropicana

Photo courtesy of Tropicana

Those orange juice-optimizing innovators at Tropicana have done it again. The OJ brand is introducing a new invention we can only assume was conceived by the same team that, in roughly the past year, brought us orange-juice flavored toothpaste (no minty flavor to ruin the taste of your morning glass of Tropicana) and a cereal made to go with orange juice (because a survey conducted that orange juice on cereal is a thing people do).

The juice maker’s latest world-rocking creation: the Tropicana Mimosa Maker, a limited-edition doohickey that transforms a bottle of Tropicana into “the ultimate OJ diffuser.”

Recognizing that perspectives vary as to the perfect OJ-to-bubbly ratio in a mimosa, the “fresh, first-of-its-kind” thingamabob (they call it an “accessory,” so perhaps we should too) fits atop a 12-ounce Tropicana bottle to let you optimize your mimosa, up your brunch game and (this part is key) amuse your dining companions.

The Tropicana Mimosa Maker features a fetching orange-slice-shaped design and three different spray settings — “Whisper,” “Spritz” and (somewhat frighteningly) “Shower” — so you can basically choose to minimize or maximize the citrus in your bubbly, gently boozy brunch drink.

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Tropicana

Photo courtesy of Tropicana

The accessory offers the user “total citrus control,” the brand promises. “Perfect mimosas are just a spray away!”

How can you get your hands on this strange, yet alluring creation? Mimosa lovers 21 and over can visit through tomorrow — Thursday, November 10 — for a chance to win a kit that includes it, along with Tropicana Original No Pulp Single-Serve, two glasses and two sustainable paper straws.

So fun and silly! What will these OJ-loving geniuses come up with next?

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