Judge Nacho Aguirre, as seen on Candyland, Season 1.

Photo by: Isabella Vosmikova

Isabella Vosmikova

Born in Torreon, Mexico, Nacho has always had a passion for baking. In 2000, he opened Delice Chocolatier and Patisserie alongside his wife, Susana, in Torreon. Nacho started as the store's manager but eventually moved to the kitchen to make the treats alongside Susana. They later opened a second store in San Antonio, Texas, and have been working together making delicious cakes, pastries and chocolates ever since. In 2018, Nacho competed in season 4 of Spring Baking Championship. After some close calls and winning two challenges, Nacho managed to move to the final round. He impressed the judges with a beautiful and delicious geode cake and won the competition, earning the title of Spring Baking Champion. In February 2020, Nacho returned to Food Network as a judge for Girl Scout Cookie Championship. He will also be a judge for Candy Land this November, where he will encounter eye-popping themed sugar masterpieces with unique ingredients.