KFC Is Planning a Fancy 11-Course Tasting Menu

Reservations are now being accepted for seatings next month in Australia and wine pairings are included.

March 18, 2022

Adventure-seeking KFC fans with ample appetites: You may want to start pricing plane tickets to the Land Down Under. KFC Australia is now taking reservations for the “Kentucky Fried Chicken Degustation” — an 11-course tasting menu of KFC’s most iconic menu items.

“What's a degustation? This is the first question we asked ourselves,” the chain mischievously muses on the reservation page for the marathon meal. “Some would say it’s a progression of rare and familiar Kentucky Fried Chicken herbs, spices and sensations. Where texture, flavour and harmony is elevated into the stratosphere. But that’s ridiculous. Degustation is just a fancy way of saying heaps of food.”

Good to know, but you probably have a bucket of other questions, too — such as (in no particular order) where, when, how much and, um, is this for real?

Answers, in no particular order: The dinners will cost $75 per person (proceeds go to KFC’s Youth Foundation charity effort) and be served at a restaurant in an “inner-city suburb of Sydney” in two seatings (4:45 p.m. and 8:15 p.m.) on three different nights Friday, April 1; Saturday, April 2; and Sunday, April 3.

The meal includes a wine flighting created to complement each course. (“We call it liquid seasoning,” KFC quips.)

You can throw your name onto the waiting list for reservations — for tables of two or four — via this page, but seating is extremely limited, so maybe don’t actually book those plane tickets you’ve sussed out just yet. (Or at least have a backup dinner plan!)

On the other hand, if your reservation has been accepted, you’ll be notified on April 1, 2022, and prompted to confirm with a credit card, so you’ll want to be ready to dine on a dime.

For those who hear April Fools’ Day alarm bells, KFC has offered this reassurance: “First reservations are available for April 1st. But this totally isn’t an April Fools thing.”

The precise menu is currently being kept as secret as the Colonel’s 11 herbs and spices. (Warning: Special requests to adjust the courses for allergies and aversions will not be accommodated.)

Signs point to a high-end level of meticulousness and on-trend visual impact: The familiar contours of Colonel’s face crafted out of tomato, lettuce and pepper mayonnaise? Perfectly charred “supercharged” chicken wings served on a bed of charcoal? A gold-dusted drumstick? They’re all there, according to Where to Sydney.

“If there’s something the last ten years of reality food TV has shown us, it’s that you can make incredible food with the right ingredients, a creative mind and a pair of tweezers,” KFC said. “So we went out and bought a pair and teamed up with some of the country’s most creative culinary minds to bring you what we hope is the most hectic chicken-based meal of your life.”

Each course has been developed specifically for the occasion by Nelly Robinson, executive chef and owner of the popular Sydney restaurant Nel, who said on Instagram he had ”had fun playing with the Colonel’s 11 secret herbs & spices + menu to create this 11 course degustation.”

But maybe not as much fun as those finger-licking-lucky diners will have eating it.

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