Maine Lobster Butter Is the Easy Way to Get Your Lobster Fix Well After Summer

Spread it on biscuits, grilled cheese or steak for a clever take on surf and turf.

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September 08, 2021

There’s no dinner worthy of celebrating a special occasion quite like a succulent surf and turf. A hot seared ribeye paired with buttery grilled lobster tail is about as good as a meal can get – but what if you just don’t have fresh lobster on hand? Try spreading fresh Maine Lobster Butter on your steak, instead.

Of course, nothing has ever stopped any of us from making some compound butter in our own kitchen and throwing some fresh Maine lobster into the mix, but now we don’t have to. MySeafood and the Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative teamed up to create Maine Lobster Butter, and the result is a combination that is sweet, salty and savory all at once.

Whether spreading it on a potato that goes with that surf and turf or melted into the steak itself, this butter is made with 100% real Maine lobster and includes ingredients like sherry, garlic, onion powder, lemon and paprika.

Photo by: Evan Kalman

Evan Kalman

We had the opportunity to get an early taste of this butter, and while the lobster taste was mild, it was absolutely present, as was the onion and garlic and herb-forward flavor. We could only imagine pairing it with a lobster grilled cheese or a hot, fresh biscuit.

“When thinking of iconic food pairings, there is no better marriage of flavors than sweet Maine lobster dipped in a rich, melted butter,” said Michael Robins, Certified Master Chef, who works with MySeafood, in a statement. “Enhanced with subtle notes of garlic, lemon and sherry, our Maine Lobster Butter makes it easy to add that decadent lobster flavor to a variety of dishes, elevating any culinary experience.”

At a time when the food world is already making some pretty odd food combinations, from mac and cheese ice cream to pumpkin spice ramen, lobster butter seems to make a lot of sense and just may be the addition to our holiday dinners we never realized we always wanted – a way to taste the Maine summer staple well after its peak season.

The Maine Lobster Butter will be available beginning on September 8 at for $32 for a 6-pack of 1-oz single servings.

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