Taco Bell Nacho Fries Are Coming Back Again … Only Different

The ultra-popular menu item will soon return with an ‘all-new flavor innovation.’

After making the biggest debut in Taco Bell history nearly one year ago, Nacho Fries return to menus today for a limited time.


After making the biggest debut in Taco Bell history nearly one year ago, Nacho Fries return to menus today for a limited time.

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It’s nacho imagination: Taco Bell Nacho Fries are coming back … again.

The mega-popular item – which has been on and off Taco Bell’s menu repeatedly since making its highly acclaimed debut in 2018 – is returning to the chain’s restaurants at the end of this month.

“The saga continues …. January 30,” Taco Bell tweeted, along with a movie-poster-like image of Nacho Fries promising that they are “coming soon to a restaurant near you.” The post has been liked 12,000 times in just over 24 hours.

While it’s difficult to decipher all the fine print on the poster, especially with eyes teary with anticipation, at the bottom, we spotted a cautionary note: “Those with weak taste buds may need adult supervision.” We can’t say we haven’t been warned.

Another warning: The fries may not be exactly the seasoned fries with cheese dipping sauce Taco Bell fans have come to know and love … and miss …. and then know and love and miss again … and again.

(This Food Network video about Nacho Fries, which was crazy popular when it came out in 2018, is but one testament to the item’s explosive popularity; the fact that customers gobbled up more than 53 million orders of it in the first five weeks of its initial limited-time release in 2018, when it unseated Doritos Locos Tacos as Taco Bell’s most popular new menu item, is another.)

A spokesperson told Thrillist that Nacho Fries’ return will include an "all-new flavor innovation that’s sure to receive critical and fan acclaim." No word yet on what that might be, but fans don’t seem to be sweating the details too much. They’re just pleased to see the fan-fave fries come back.

“Long have I waited for your return,” tweeted one fan.

“Literally marked my calendar and planner … also ran around my apartment screaming that they were coming back,” wroteanother.

“WANT NOW,” a third weighed in.

Some are understandably hoping “now” lasts forever.

“Stop taking them away!” one pleaded.

“Y’all get rid of these and bring them back [every] 3 months stop playing,” another griped.

“Why must you torture us?” howled yet another.

“Why can’t you guys just make it permanent?” demanded a fourth.

Oh, Taco Bell, you tease, you tormentor, you fickle fry friend.

Photo courtesy of Taco Bell

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