Dolly Parton Wants Taco Bell to Bring Back Its Mexican Pizza, Too

But, wait, is the discontinued menu item on the brink of a comeback?

April 12, 2022


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Ian Gavan/Getty

Dear fans of Taco Bell’s late, lamented Mexican Pizza: Dolly Parton shares your pain.

The country-music icon is a big fan of the cult-favorite menu item, and just like you and the hordes of people who were heartbroken to see the chain eliminate the dish in November 2020 as part of a menu-“streamlining” process, she yearns for its return.

Parton enjoys cooking, especially breakfasts, she recently told Insider. (The secret to her fluffy scrambled eggs: “Put a few drops of ice water as you’re cooking them and that makes them fluffier — it really does!” she shared.)

But when she feels like eating out, Taco Bell is Dolly’s go-to quick solution. At the moment, the Taco Supreme is her fave — along with a side of rice and beans.

“I like soft-shell tacos,” Parton told Insider in a different interview, in January. “I like the others, but they fall apart so bad, especially if you're riding around. So I always get a Taco Supreme, with the sour cream and all that, in the soft shell. I love that.

Parton prefers her sauce mild, explaining, “I don't like to get it too hot and ruin everything.”

Yet the 76-year-old superstar, like the more than 170,000 people who have signed a petition clamoring to have the discontinued dish brought back, misses an old Taco Bell favorite.

“They used to make a little ... Mexican Pizza, which is also good. I love that,” Parton said.

Should the chain bring the dish back? Yeah, Dolly’s all for it.

“I think they should!” she said.

In fact, some people think they might: Rumors are raging that a return of Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza may be imminent — perhaps even as soon as next month.

We reached out to Taco Bell to ask if there is any truth to the rumors. A spokesperson told us that, while the brand knows “there’s a lot of love for the Mexican Pizza,” Taco Bell is “not able to share more” about the dish’s fate at this time. The representative promised to share any details, “when” (when!) they become available.

Do it for Dolly, Taco Bell!

In the meantime, you can DIY Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza as best you can with this recipe.

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