Cheez-It Popcorn Has Arrived

The famously crunchy snack now comes popped and airy.

February 24, 2021

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Cheez-It

Photo courtesy of Cheez-It

Is it us, or is popcorn getting cheesier these days? The latest cheesy snack food to up its popcorn game: Cheez-Its.

The iconic cheesy square cracker is morphing into a movie-night snack with a new, limited-time-only popcorn: Cheez-It Loaded Popcorn, now available at retailers nationwide, while supplies last.

Made with “100% real cheese,” the popcorn “brings the delicious taste of Cheez-It to the classic poppable snack,” according to a brand spokesperson.

It will be available in two varieties: Cheez-It Loaded Cheddar Popcorn, which is basically the Cheez-It flavor you know and love in popcorn form, and Cheez-It Loaded White Cheddar Popcorn, made with aged cheese to provide a “smooth, creamy taste.”

“Even though our Cheez-It Original crackers are a tried-and-true classic, our innovation team is always looking for new ways to bring our fans their favorite 100% real cheese flavor in different snack forms,” Jeff Delonis, senior director of marketing for Cheez-It, said in a product announcement. “When it comes to popcorn, the team knew it was due for a cheesier plot twist and delivered with their newest flavor-filled creation.”

It’s worth noting that this is not the Cheez-It brand’s first foray into popcorn. Cheez-It Duoz Caramel Popcorn & Cheddar blends caramel popcorn and Cheez-Its Cheddar crackers into a sweet and salty mix.

But these new “Loaded” popcorn varieties may hit the sweet spot for those who want to keep their snacks savory — and savor them on movie night.

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