Doritos Combines Two Cult-Favorite Flavors In One New Chip

Flamin’ Hot Cool Ranch Doritos are bold.

December 22, 2021

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Doritos

Photo courtesy of Doritos

Are Doritos cool — or are they hot? Now, they’re both.

The tortilla chip brand has just introduced a new mashup that combines its classic Cool Ranch flavor with its popular Flamin’ Hot flavor. Doritos Flamin’ Hot Cool Ranch Flavored Tortilla Chips — which are as big a mouthful to say as they are to eat — are making their way to a snack aisle near you.

This marriage of temperature opposites is also a blend of old and new: Doritos Cool Ranch chips have been around for decades — although they got a revamp with even more “cool” flavoring in 2020 — and Flamin’ Hot-flavored snacks have definitely been having an extended moment of late. (You got your Cheetos Crunchy Flamin' Hot snacks, your Doritos Flamin' Hot Nacho chips and Doritos Flamin' Hot Limon chips, just to name a few.)

In fact, the snack brand is currently positioning Flamin’ Hot as more than a flavor, deeming it a full on “attitude.”

“Doritos is no stranger to bold – whether it's bold flavor, bold experiences or our bold fans that embody the Flamin’ Hot attitude,” Caio Correa, senior director of marketing of Frito-Lay North America, said in a news release. “With new Doritos Flamin' Hot Cool Ranch, we took a legacy flavor that has been beloved for generations and injected it with a spicy new edge to bring consumers a tasting experience that’s on truly another level.”

The new Doritos Flamin’ Hot Cool Ranch tortilla chips, which come in an icy blue bag with an image of a blazing chip, will be available ahead of the new year at retail stores nationwide. A 9.25-ounce bag will run you $4.79, while 2.75-ounce bags will retail for $2.19.

People on Twitter were excited for them.

“Definitely gotta get those,” wrote one commenter.

“Omg I need 100 bags of these right now!!” exclaimed another.

And so, Doritos fans, here’s hoping your new year will be all that and a bag of (Cool Ranch, Flamin’ Hot) chips.

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