Doritos Launches New Tangy Tamarind Flavor

A common ingredient in Hispanic and South Asian cuisines, tamarind is about to bring bold flavor to the American snack staple.

July 19, 2022

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Photo by: Photo courtesy of Doritos

Photo courtesy of Doritos

Tamarind is an essential ingredient in beloved dishes from many cuisines. You may see it in anything from Pad Thai to a tamarind chutney.

This fruit, which is all at once tangy and tart, sweet and sour, works well in a variety of dishes and cocktails, but what about snack foods? Apparently, at least in the mainstream American snack aisle, we didn’t know what we were missing.

Doritos has launched a new Tangy Tamarind flavor, which the brand promises will deliver a flavor that is “tangy, with a kick of heat and citrus.” It’s also the first time we’ve seen a tamarind variety from the major American snack brands nationwide, and it opens itself up to a world of possibilities.

While we can’t wait to experience these fruity, sour chips with a variety of dipping sauce possibilities, they’d also be so delicious crumbled up as a breading for fish or chicken. It may even have potential dessert possibilities worth exploring.

As this brand has been coming up with pretty bold flavors of late, from Doritos Tangy Pickle to Doritos Tangy Ranch, there’s no telling what we’ll see next.

Doritos Tangy Tamarind is available for limited time only, in select retailers starting July 19 and in retailers nationwide starting August 15.

Will you be giving them a try?

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