Insomnia Cookies Releases an Everything Bagel Cookie as Part of Its New Breakfast Line

There are three new cookies in all.

September 12, 2021

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Insomnia Cookies

Photo courtesy of Insomnia Cookies

Everything bagel seasoning is awesome on savory foods such as grilled cheese, but Insomnia Cookies is taking things to the next level by putting the beloved spice blend on its titular item. That’s right, the New York-based bakery brand just released a line of breakfast-inspired cookies, including one that’s topped with a nice helping of everything bagel seasoning.

And if you think Insomnia modified the seasoning in order to put it on a cookie, think again. According to a press release from the company that’s beloved by college students around the country, the Everything Bagel Cookie is “everything you love about bagels.” More specifically, this includes poppyseeds and onion flakes baked into the otherwise sweet treat.

Consumers interested in trying this new product can purchase a singular Everything Bagel Cookie or a pack of four in something dubbed the Everything Bagel Big Dippers box. As this item’s name implies, it comes with a side of dip. And in keeping with the everything bagel theme, the dip in question is cream cheese icing with everything bagel seasoning sprinkled on top, because why not?

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Insomnia Cookies

Photo courtesy of Insomnia Cookies

This latest collection from Insomnia, which is slated to be available for a limited time, debuted late last month in honor of students returning to college. In addition to the Everything Bagel Cookie, there’s also a new Cinnamon Bun Cookie that’s made with creamy cinnamon chips and cinnamon swirled with cream cheese drops, as well as a Cereal N Milk Cookie.

The latter cookie, which is available starting September 13, comes straight from Insomnia’s experimental CookieLab — a Philadelphia facility that stocks never-before-tasted cookies on a secret menu. It features a brown butter cookie base with Fruity Pebbles cereal, marshmallows and white chocolate chips.

As far as unusual items made with everything bagel seasoning go, this actually isn’t the first time a traditionally sweet food has joined forces with the savory spice blend. Back in January, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams released an Everything Bagel ice cream made with buttery streusel laden with sesame seeds, poppy seeds, onions and garlic that tasted really, really good. If the ice cream is any indication, Insomnia Cookies’ latest creation may very well taste pretty darn good too.

Will you give the new Everything Bagel Cookie a try?

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