Kraft Singles Releases New Extra Thin and Ultra Thick Slices

Getting the perfect cheese to everything else ratio just got easier.

February 14, 2023

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Kraft

Photo courtesy of Kraft

Perhaps it’s fate, or merely coincidence, that Kraft announces it has made it easier to find your perfect cheesy match on a day dedicated to romance. The cheese brand is giving us more Kraft Singles options, with new Kraft Singles Extra Thin and Ultra Thick slices, both rolling out nationwide this week.

Choosing Kraft Singles is a no-brainer for a range of dishes – from burgers to comforting grilled cheese sandwiches. But where people may differ is exactly how many singles make for just the right cheese to everything else ratio. Some of us opt for a single slice, while others may stack theirs for an extra thick dose of melty goodness. Others may wish there was just a little less. It’s all about finding the sweet spot.

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Kraft

Photo courtesy of Kraft

But rather than having to spend extra time tinkering, Kraft’s new readymade thin and thick slices are making getting the ratio just right a little more seamless. The Extra Thin slices are a lighter option, with 30 percent fewer calories per slice and 30 slices per pack (versus 24). This may be a great option for adding a bit of cheese to omelets, for instance.

Meanwhile, the Ultra Thick slices are 50 percent thicker than classic Kraft Singles. If you are the type of fan who tends to use two slices on your burgers or other sandwiches, you can probably just use one now. But imagine the possibilities, from nachos to cheese fries to the perfect grilled cheese and of course, adding a thick layer of melty flavor to a macaroni and cheese or instant ramen.

One thing is for sure. Our options just got a lot more delicious!

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