Out of Beans? These Are 5 New Instant Coffee Brands We Love

Whether you’re making whipped coffee or ran out of grounds, these instant coffee brands are worth a try.

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April 27, 2020
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Maybe you’re used to picking up coffee every day from your local spot, so you never got around to buying a coffee maker for home. Maybe you have one, but you’re so swamped that you can’t find time to work it. Maybe you just. Can’t. Make. The. Coffee. Whatever the reason, if getting your daily coffee is an issue, there is a solution: instant coffee.

Yes, we’re serious. Instant coffee has come a long way from the sad jar your grandma had in her pantry. Several brands have reinvented it, making it from premium beans, adding healthy fats to it, and more. Here are some of our favorites.

$10.00 for a 6-packet box

Coffee connoisseurs, rejoice — this one’s for you. This is thoughtfully-sourced specialty coffee that just happens to be instant, and the flavor does not disappoint. Shop by region, or get a mix to see what you like best (the Kenya Nyeri was our fave, but you do you). Swift’s packaging also happens to be beautiful; it would make a fantastic gift. Stir into 10 oz. of hot water and start your journey.

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$24.00 for a 200ml bottle (14 servings)

Forget any past experiences you may have had with coffee concentrates. Thanks to an innovative extraction method, this new brew has such smooth, rich flavor — if you didn’t know it came from a concentrate, you’d never guess. It’s made from fair trade beans and it’s 20 times stronger than regular coffee; all you have to do is add 1 tablespoon to 8 oz. of hot water for regular coffee (or use less water for espresso). It’s also a fantastic ingredient for cocktails and other recipes.

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$15.00 for 8 packets

An unfortunate name given the times, but that’s no reason not to brew up this instant coffee, especially if getting as much caffeine in your cup as possible is the goal. Each packet of organic instant coffee has 300mg of caffeine (an average cup has 96mg), thanks to the addition of green coffee bean extract. Plus, it has a nice, rich flavor. Hey, it was good enough for astronauts on the International Space Station, so why not you, too. Add 8 oz. of hot water and take off.

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$45.00 for 12 packets

If you’re looking for a functional coffee beverage, this is it. Take instant organic coffee, add grass-fed collagen for protein, healthy fats from MCT powder, amino acid L-Theanine and electrolytes from organic freeze-dried coconut water powder, and you have this great-tasting, super-convenient brew. Add it to 10 oz. of hot or cold water, stir and you’re done. Daybreaker is unsweetened and has a touch of cocoa, while Morning Fix is sweetened with monkfruit extract and coconut sugar. Both are available in packets (5 pack or 12 pack) or a 12-serving pouch, or get a combo.

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$45.00 for for 25 packets

Sugar free, dairy free, with healthy fats from MCT oil powder, and 60mg caffeine, this is the perfect cup for keto coffee lovers who just want a bit of coffee and healthy fat but not too much of a commitment. This one is great for pre-workout, when you want a little hit of caffeine to boost your performance, but not a bellyful of liquid. It’s convenient and easy; just add 6 oz. of hot water and stir. Plus it’s so creamy and luscious, a perfect little pick-me-up. We love the unflavored, and there’s also a mocha and a French vanilla for flavored coffee lovers (both sweetened with stevia).

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