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Dynamic young chef Danny Boome brings his passion for food and culinary exploration to America with fresh perspectives and unique quick-fix ideas. In his series, Rescue Chef, everyday cooks experiencing personal culinary obstacles welcome Danny into their homes to save the day. This energetic chef offers viewers creative culinary solutions and a true understanding of the basics necessary to guarantee continued success in the kitchen. From semi-professional hockey to au pair, Rescue Chef has explored many trades but always had a passion for cooking.

Danny started his culinary training in 1999 as a cook in Switzerland doubling up as an au pair for a local family. He later moved to Canada and trained at the acclaimed West Wind Inn. To finalize his training, Danny attended the Grange Cookery School in England. His first post as a young chef was at the fashionable Asia de Cuba restaurant in St. Martins Lane London Hotel, which ignited his passion for fusion cookery.

With years of training and experience under his belt, Danny then packed his bags to travel throughout mainland Europe and North America. While exploring his culinary passions and curiosity for the origins of food and drink, Danny's desire to inspire (not intimidate) everyday cooks was born. He wanted to share his practical, no-fuss recipes and techniques with everyday cooks around the world.

Danny launched his television career in 2004 on UKTV Food's co-production Wild and Fresh where he travelled across Canada seeking out the best home-grown delights each province had to offer. He would then return his host's hospitality by taking inspiration from traditional dishes and cooking up a delicious meal with a contemporary twist!

In 2005, Danny explored his childhood holiday destination at the North Norfolk coastline in the UKTV Food and Anglia Television production of Norfolk's Coastal Kitchen/Danny by the Sea. This show followed Danny as he retraced his steps around this memorable location where his passion for food and fresh produce began. With the success of Norfolk's Coastal Kitchen,Danny launched a series in January 2006 called Coastal Kitchen, continuing his quest to uncover fresh ingredients and unique recipes, which still runs on Anglia Television and Discovery Channel. In 2006 and 2007, Danny was a regional host and judge on UKTV Food's program Local Food Heroes which spotlighted local purveyors from across England.

Danny further increased his profile with a regular spot on Summer This Morning on ITV and has also gained credits on Children's BBC, UKTV Sport and UKTV Good Food Live. Additionally he has appeared at the Autumn Ideal Home Show and has been featured in high-profile advertisements.

An advocate for educating children, parents, and teachers on healthy eating, Danny promotes the importance of understanding the production chain that delivers to the kitchen table. He runs a cooking school featuring courses for novice cooks as well as experienced chefs.

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