These 90s Snacks (That Everyone Loved) Are Making a Comeback

If you're nostalgic for the comforting treats of the last millennium, we've got good news for you.

December 09, 2022

Photo by: Photo courtesy of General Mills

Photo courtesy of General Mills

If you grew up in the '90s, chances are Nintendo game systems, Skip Its, and Easy Bake Ovens ruled your childhood. While the biggest challenges of our pre-teen lives consisted of whether you were Team *NSYNC or Team Backstreet Boys and making sure either your Giga Pet and Tamagotchi were fed while you were away at school, the best part of growing up in the '90s may arguably bave been the snacks.

Though plenty of brands that ruled the '90s are still around today, unfortunately, there are even more that have gotten the axe, too. And nostalgia lovers are still holding on to the revival of many of their favorite eats from one of the most memorable decades of the past. Luckily, over the last few years, brands have taken notice of what their fans really want, and a number of formerly discontinued snacks have made their way back on grocery store shelves for your tasting pleasure.

From the sweet tastes of waffle-like cereal to cakier versions of your favorite creme-filled cookie, here are ten '90s snacks that have made a comeback.


Perhaps one of the most coveted snacks in the '90s era, Dunkaroos were the go-to lunchbox staple for kids of all ages. And honestly, adults loved them, too. First launched in 1990, the cookie and creme packaged combo brought to you by Betty Crocker gave sugar lovers the one thing they couldn’t get enough of: loads of frosting to dip on a cookie. Though their reign in lunchboxes nationwide held through the turn of the millennium, in 2012, hearts broke everywhere when the product was removed from shelves.

Fast forward to the year 2020 and in the midst of a year filled with less-than-good moments, the brand returned to us to give us something great to look forward to. Still distributed by Betty Crocker, Dunkaroos have expanded past the original vanilla cookies and creme mashup and now include a variety of offerings — including yogurt, pancake mix, cereal, and more — that are fit for a '90s-loving kid-at-heart’s taste buds.


Photo by: Photo courtesy of Pop-Tarts

Photo courtesy of Pop-Tarts

Grape Pop-Tarts

From the day they hit shelves in 1964, Pop-Tarts have become a staple in homes everywhere. While the non-frosted options dominated the food industry initially, in 1967, the world was introduced to the frosted version of the "eat 'em now, eat 'em later 'cause you don’t have to keep 'em in a refrigerator" snack. And in that release, we were given what could arguably be one of the best varieties of the brand: the grape-flavored Pop-Tart. Unfortunately for fans of the OG staple, however, after a few years of on-and-off appearances on grocery store shelves the Grape Pop-Tart was discontinued completely in 2017.

Thankfully though, the Kellogg’s-owned brand came to their senses in early 2022 and announced that Grape Pop-Tarts would be available for our pastry-loving pleasure yet again. Here’s hoping that they don’t go breaking our achy-breaky hearts by snatching it away any time soon.

Photo by: Courtesy of Nabisco

Courtesy of Nabisco

Oreo Cakesters

Originally released in 2007, Oreo Cakesters were exactly what they sounded like: a cake-like version of the classic chocolate cake with vanilla creme filling. And while both true and new Oreo fans gave the cakes rave reviews, the Nabisco brand broke hearts everywhere when they abruptly pulled the snack from shelves just five years later.

Recognizing the error of their ways, Oreo announced the return of the Oreo Cakester in early 2022 and even did a super-retro release with the last Blockbuster on earth. Unfortunately, while the Cakesters were around on shelves for a limited time after the event, finding them on shelves right now may be difficult. That doesn’t mean, however, that you won’t get lucky!

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Frito-Lay

Photo courtesy of Frito-Lay

Doritos 3D

If you grew up in the late '90s and early 2000s, you were probably a huge fan of Doritos 3Ds. Essentially just a puffed-up version of the classic chips you know and love, Doritos 3D’s soon became a favorite for lunches everywhere. Sadly though, the brand opted to discontinue them just a few years after their arrival and leave fans everywhere wondering if we’d ever get to experience their massive crunch again.

Apparently after nearly 20 years of hearing our cries. Frito-Lay decided to soothe our ASMR-loving hearts and announced the re-release of the 3D brand in late 2020. Though not available in the jalapeno cheddar option like before, the 3D Crunch bags (as they are not called) can be found in both chili cheese nacho and spicy ranch flavors on shelves nationwide.

Photo by: Courtesy of Creme Savers

Courtesy of Creme Savers

Creme Savers

No matter your age, you were probably a fan of Life Savers at some point (or at least ate them from the bottom of your mom’s purse in desperation of a sugar rush while out and about). While Life Savers have been around for years on end, in 1996, the popular brand developed a spin off version that candy lovers would soon become obsessed with: Creme Savers. Though led by the Strawberries & Creme variety, Creme Savers boasted a variety of flavors that fans couldn’t get enough of. Unfortunately, the love the received wasn’t enough to save them as they were pulled from shelves in 2011.

As an exciting and well-needed surprise just 10 years later, however, Mars re-released the Creme Savers brand with both Strawberries & Creme and Orange & Creme flavors available for purchase. You will, however, need to be near a Big Lots location to pick them up in person. If not, you can always try your luck with ordering them online.

Photo by: Courtesy of Fritos

Courtesy of Fritos

B-B-Q Fritos

It’s no secret that the Fritos brand has been around for decades, and loyalists know that they can always count on nothing but major flavor overflowing from every bag or dip. Though Fritos has developed a growing list of flavors since launching in 1961, the one flavor that everyone seemed to love most throughout the '90s was Bar-B-Q. Featuring a tangy and barbeque-like flavor in every bite, it’s hard to imagine that the fan-favorite variety would even be removed from the lineup. As true Fritos lovers know though, that was exactly the case in 2018.

Just four short years later though, the Bar-B-Q flavor returned to shelves and according to the brand, it’ll be sticking around for good.

Photo by: Courtesy of Yoplait

Courtesy of Yoplait

Trix Yogurt

Much like Dunkaroos, Trix Yogurt became the epitome of lunchtime coolness for kids everywhere in the '90s. Released in 1992, each yogurt cup featured two fruity flavors that were easy to scarf down in minimal bites. Even with its popularity though, the General Mills and Yoplait collaboration found itself on the product chopping board in 2016.

Following the trend of many other nostalgic brands, Trix Yogurt made a well-received comeback in 2021 — but only offered up two flavors: strawberry and berry. Unlike the version in the '90s, however, this one’s definitely not just for kids.

Photo by: Courtesy of Post

Courtesy of Post

Waffle Crisp

Depending on who you ask, cereal can definitely be considered a snack and one of the most popular ones from the '90s was indeed Waffle Crisp. Brought to you by Post way back in 1996, the waffle-flavored cereal equipped with a sweet and irresistible crunch was unfortunately taken from us without notice in 2018.

Thanks to the continued outcry of fans, however, Post decided to bring the breakfast staple back in 2021 for a limited time. As a result of it quickly selling out, it was announced in summer 2022 that Waffle Crisp aficionados could expect it to be on shelves permanently.

Photo by: Courtesy of Good Humor

Courtesy of Good Humor

Viennetta Vanilla Ice Cream Dessert

Whether your freezer was stocked with Viennetta or you just wished it was in the '90s, many of us can agree that this was the fanciest ice cream around. With its iconic commercials that screamed "luxury" in every bite, the then-Bryers owned company — which was introduced to the U.S. and Canada markets in the late '80s — created a sense of exclusivity amongst anyone who picked up a pack of its multiple flavor offerings. Unfortunately, the fancy-like ice cream with a cult following couldn’t keep up with the ever-changing times and as a result, Breyers quietly discontinued the U.S. version of the brand in the late '90s.

Now, however, the brand is back and it’s all thanks to our never-ending obsession with '90s nostalgia. Reintroduced in 2021, Viennetta — now under the Good Humor brand — can be found in its vanilla variety in stores nationwide. And while the packaging is just a bit different than you may remember, the taste is still the same.

Photo by: Courtesy of Slice

Courtesy of Slice


If you’ve never counted a soda as a snack, you probably haven’t checked the sugar amount on any of your favorite sips. And for '90s kids, Slice was one of the best
"snacks" around. Originally released in 1984, the Slice brand offered up a variety of fruit-flavored soft drinks that were widely promoted as including 10 percent juice in every can. With a jingle that stated the brand had both "the juice" and "flavor that no one has" and a strong cult-like following, no one ever saw its removal from shelves in 2005 coming.

While it was announced that fans could expect a return of the beloved drink in 2018, there was one key shift in the drink that we knew and loved: it would be billed as a sparkling water flavor using only carbonated water and organic fruit juices and flavors. Though that version — in a newly designed can — was available in a string of tasty flavors that were promoted on the brand’s official Instagram page in 2018 and 2019, not much was said about the updated low-calorie version of the drink following. According to Slice’s website though, fans can expect a return of the Orange, Lemon & Lime, Berry, and Cherry flavors equipped with 15 calories per can, no added sugars, and real fruit juice sometime soon — it looks like they've hit shelves at Walmart so far. And thankfully, the can is very reminiscent of its original version.

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